Painting Hungarians

Toldi tank

Painting Guide

With the release of the Hungarian miniatures we thought it would be helpful to guide you on the colours to use.

As well as the suggested base colour I’ll also endeavour to suggest some suitable highlight shades and mixes.

Hungarian Tanks and Guns, mortars etc

Dark Olive Green is the base colour of tanks, trucks, guns and heavy weapons such as mortars.

Dark Olive Green ~ Reflective Green (890) (Highlight add 25% (847) Dark Sand)

Guns and Hungarian built tanks were often camouflaged in a three-tone Czech style scheme. Over the base green was applied in blotches of ochre and brown, initially as a hard-edged pattern.
Nimrod SP AA
40mm 40M Gun 80mm 5/8M Gun
T-38G Spraypainting equipment began to be used from 1942 and later production vehicles came with a similar blotch pattern sprayed on.

Ochre ~ Green Ochre (914) (Highlight add 25% Dark Sand (847))
Brown ~ German Camo  Medium Brown (826) (Highlight add 25% 847 Dark Sand)

T-38G and Panzer IV Fi and F2 Tanks supplied by the Germans in 1942
Grey ~ German Grey (995) (Highlight Green Grey (886))
T-38G Panzer IV F1
Truck Canvas

Hungarian trucks were often camouflaged in the three-tone scheme above, including the canvas covers of the rear. To make green canvas I’ve painted my Botond truck covers with Russian Uniform (894) as a suitable green shade of khaki. The camouflage would normally just be painted onto the canvas.

Right: Trucks often had the Hungarian crest on the doors.
Botond truck
 License/Registration Plates

License/Registration Plates

Every Hungarian vehicle carried a registration plate on the front and rear. The front plate was a long rectangle with the details in one row. Rear plates were squarer and had the number in two rows.

The plate was white with black letters and numbers, usually as H or 1H followed by a national shield (red over white over green running diagonally to the upper right corner) finally followed by a 3 digit number (see illustration left).

In the spotlights I’ll include the registration numbers where known.

Left: This example is taken from a Panzer IV F1.

Toldi Panzer IV F1
Hungarian Insignia and Markings

The Hungarians used a variation on Balkan Cross used by the Germans. The Hungarian version consisted of a green cross outlined in white with red triangles in the corners (though variations with the red and green transposed were sometimes used). Since the publication of Ostfront and the making of the decals further research by myself has confirmed that the crosses most common version should be green with red triangles, unfortunately my source at the time of publication had it wrong. These were usually placed on the hull sides and hull rear of T-38G and Panzer IV. On the Toldi and Nimrod they are found on turret sides and hull front. Occasionally Toldi’s also mounted the cross on the hatch for air recognition.
 Csaba The armoured reconnaissance battalions (Toldi and Csaba) had a number of their own versions of the national recognition symbol, in our decal set (GE943) we have included the national symbol accepted in spring 1941, a Hungarian cross (Cross of Lorraine) in red, outlined white on a green oval.
Some units also had their own insignia, the 30th Tank Regiment of the 1st Field Armoured Division’s symbol was a mace inside a round cornered rhomboid (leaning right with the mace head pointing to the upper right corner).
The German supplied vehicles used the German numbering system, however the same system doesn’t seem to have been applied to the Csaba, Toldi or Nimrod units.
Infantry Uniforms

Like most nations (except the Germans) prior to WWII the Hungarians adopted a Khaki uniform.

Trousers, Tunic and Side Caps, khaki-brown ~ English Uniform (921) (Highlight Khaki Grey (880))

Helmet, brown-green ~ Brown Violet (887) (Highlight add 50% Green Grey (886))

Leather boots, belts, ammo pouches etc ~ Chocolate Brown (872)(Highlight add 25% Light Brown 929)

Bread bag and NCO SMG ammo pouches, khaki ~ Khaki (988) (Highlight Sky Grey (989))

Bayonet scabbard ~ Black (950) (Highlight German Grey (995))
Hungarian Infantry Uniform
Hungarian Rifle/MG team Hungarian Rifle/MG team
Collar tabs Collar Tabs

Each branch of the Hungarian Honvéd (Army) had a unique colour, and this colour was displayed on their uniform collar tabs.

Combat Troops Tab Colours:

Infantry (Puskás Század and Gépkocsizó Lövész Század until 1943) Army Green (FWP342)) 

Mobile Troops (Armour and Cavalry) (Harckocsizó Század) Cornflour Blue (Luftwaffe Blue (FWP401))

Artillery (Regimental Gun Platoon, Light Anti-aircraft Platoon, Artillery Battery) Artilery red (FWP380)

Engineers (Assault Pioneer Platoon) Aæelzöld (Blue-Green or Steel-Green) (50/50 mix of VP925 Blue and Army Green (FWP342))

In 1943 Mobile troops were combined (Harckocsizó Század and Gépkocsizó Lövész Század) Dark Blue (Infantry Blue (FWP400))

80mm 5/8M Gun
Rifle team Command team

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