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More Units

FI722 Jääkäri SMG Platoon (Winter)
Contains two Command Rifle teams, four Jääkäri Squads each with two SMG teams, two Small three-hole bases & eight four-hole bases.
USD 27.00

FI721 Jääkari Rifle Platoon (Winter) Jääkari Rifle Platoon (Winter), with four squads
Price: USD 27.00   
FI724 Machine-gun Platoon (Winter) Machine-gun Platoon (Winter), with two sections
Price: USD 14.00   
FI725 Mortar Platoon (Winter) Mortar Platoon (Winter), with two sections
Price: USD 14.00   
FI727 Tank-Hunter Platoon (Winter) Tank-Hunter Platoon (Winter), with two sections and Close Defence Rifle teams
Price: USD 20.00