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Open Fire!

Rules and FAQ

Here you will be able to download the Open Fire rules and see how you can get into World War II miniature gaming.

In the future, we will also have a living guide of Frequently Asked Questions to help you get back to gaming rather than looking for rules.

An updated version of the Flames Of War starter set will be released in conjunction with 4th edition.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and information regarding the 4th edition of Flames Of War here...

Download the Open Fire Rules and Forces books

You can download the Rules and Forces books here if you want to take a closer look:

Open Fire Rule book (right click, save as, 14MB)...
Open Fire Forces book (right click, save as, 10MB)...

Open Fire!

Open Fire Boot Camp

Follow Phil and Sean as they go through the Open Fire Rules on section at a time and discuss how they work.

Open Fire Rule Book Camp...

Ask questions over at the Open Fire Forum

Or head over to the Open Fire sub-forum (inside the Flames Of War forums) if you want to ask a question about the rules, or anything else to do with Open Fire.

Open Fire Forum...

Open Fire!
Open Fire! Recon Rules

Additional Rules

Whilst everything you need to get up and running is included in the Open Fire Rulebook, from time to time we will come up with additional rules to help expand the game.

Add Recon vehicles to get a jump on your enemy
Recon vehicles are specially built to be fast and nimble so that they can dash out, spot the enemy, and then report back with what they’ve discovered. 

Head over to the Recon Rules page to find out more...

Move your troops around the table with Transports
Transports are useful for getting your troops to where they are needed most. They are armoured to give the passengers some protection while on the way.  

Head over to the Transports Rules page to find out more...
Open Fire! Transport Rules

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