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Open Fire!

What is Open Fire?
Open Fire is your ticket into World War II wargaming.  It includes everything you will need to begin discovering the many aspects of this exciting hobby, from assembling and painting miniatures to playing games on the table top. 

Open Fire combines the joys of painting and modelling your own miniature army with the challenge of facing off against your opponent across a gaming table, and you’ll get to recreate history—or change it!

An updated version of the Flames Of War starter set will be released in conjunction with 4th edition.

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The Open Fire Rulebook

The Open Fire rules are designed to be learned quickly and get you playing in no time. They are informative, with helpful picture diagrams to walk you through the steps of the game. 

You can learn to play by checking out the Open Fire boot camp videos, which will walk you through the rules and get you the basics to start playing.

Download the Open Fire rulebook (right click, save as, 14MB)...

Open Fire

Open Fire

The Forces Book

There is a lot to explore with Open Fire! Four major nations are represented and each offers their own unique styles of play. Germans rely on skill and technology, the British on the stubbornness and resolve of their troops, the Americans on mass-production and ingenuity, and the Soviets on sheer numbers to get the job done. Between these options, there is sure to be a nation that suits your play style. If you’re unsure, experiment with them to find the best fit.

Download the Open Fire Forces book (right click, save as, 10MB)...

The Forces book gives you the information you need to assemble an army. After you choose a nation to play, a company diagram is provided to help you choose the platoons you want to build your force with and platoon diagrams that tell you what models you need to build the unit.

The forces book will guide you and help identify which kits you need to bolster your force. For example, you may want to add powerful Panther tanks to your German Grenadiers. The book will not only tell you how many points these are worth in the game, but also give you it’s game statistics and pictures of what it looks like so you can choose the right model.

Open Fire Miniatures

To play games you’ll need troops. There are a number of Open Fire kits available to build your reinforcements, including infantry, guns, and tanks. 

Head over to the Open Fire Store to request your reinforcements today!

Open Fire
Open Fire

Gaming Accessories

You will also need some dice and game tokens. Some are provided in the Open Fire box, but we also have dice and token sets available that will match your army. The tokens are made from plastic and will last longer than cardboard ones. These will make your army look even more professional as you lead it to victory!

You will also need a tape measure. The Open Fire box set comes with a 16”/40cm ruler, but sometimes you’ll need to shoot much further!

Read the Design Notes

Mike Haught (the writer of Open Fire) has written some Design Notes to help you understand where we were coming from with Open Fire, and what we wanted you to be able to get out of it.

Mike's Design Notes...

Finally, to find out how to use the Open Fire website check out this article.

Find out how to use this Open Fire website... 

Open Fire

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