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The Wargaming Hobby

Wargaming is an amazing hobby. One of the best things about it is that it is so much to explore, from building and painting figures to playing games on detailed miniature battlefields. You can go in any direction and as deep as you like. If you love history and background, you can lose yourself in great books, videos, and stories.

An updated version of the Flames Of War starter set will be released in conjunction with 4th edition.

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Painting and modelling miniatures is another deep aspect of the hobby that you can explore. Building the battlefields that you will play on is yet another fascinating side of the hobby. Then there are the games themselves and your opponents. Each battle will give you a completely unique experience. This hobby is very rewarding and will stay with you for a life time. Explore it and find out what parts are your favourite and make this hobby yours.
Normandy Beach

Wargaming Basics

A wargame recreates battles in miniature on a table surface. Instead of live ammunition, dice results are fired back and forth between players, rulers and tape measures replace petrol and diesel as the tanks move across the battlefield to engage the enemy. Each player commands their own armies of miniatures that they have assembled and painted.

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