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Welcome to the Flames Of War Website. Here you can find information on the entire range of Flames Of War Miniatures, Rules and Accessories, as well as Event Information, Gaming News and Hobby Tips
Berlin: Soviet

Upcoming Releases
Berlin Soviet
Clash of Steel
Soviet starter set
Command Cards Unit Cards

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Price Changes

The unfolding events of the last few years have taken their toll across the world, not only on people but on organisations and infrastructures. The problems caused by all these disruptions have increased manufacturing costs globally and combined with the ongoing issues with the global supply chain this has resulted in ever-increasing costs. 

For more detail as to how this affects Battlefront, and Q&A’s, click here...

Dynamic Points for Mid-War

Mid-War has been around for five great years so far, and with the release of North Africa and Eastern Front, looks set to be around for many more to come. In those five years, you’ve been playing piles of games and have given us lots of feedback. The good news is that Mid War works well in its current form and is producing well-balanced games.

The new North Africa and Eastern Front books are entirely compatible with the existing books and cards. The new boxes and terrain sets make it easier than ever for players to get into the period, and much easier for retailers to stock.

That being said, there’s always room for improvement and we’ve been experimenting with some fine-tuning of the points. We didn’t want to do this in the new books because things are working well at the moment and we didn’t want to make players buy new books and cards. So we’ve created this list of entirely optional points adjustments you can try.

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We have a Toys For Tots Winner!

Toys for Tots 2022 has been wrapped up, and we're excited to announce the winners! A big thank you and shout out to everyone who made this year's drive possible!

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Toys For Tots

The Big Four Of Late War 
Big Four Of Late-War Website... Big Four Of Late-War Instagram...

Great British Paint Off!
Detours have become one of the hallmarks of the Big Four project as, like most hobbyists, we get distracted or excited about a new release.

The release of Bulge: British proved to be no exception as everyone (including Chris) had unfinished business when it came to the British forces - whether it was an army that had been on the painting list for a long time, or something that provoked excitement during the design phase, everyone wanted to take part in a Great British Paint Off.

Find out what everyone is doing over on the Big Four website!

Great British Paint Off!...

 The Big Four Of Late War

Adepticon 2023: Flames Of War
Cold Wars 2023: Flames of War
Historicon 2023: Flames Of War

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Battlefront Events
Around the world, there are Flames Of War events happening all the time. To help organisers and players alike we have our rolling Events Calendar. To have your event included just follow the link to our events page, register, and share your event details for all to see. 

Click here to find the points, events and locations for the 2023 tournament season... 

Battlefront Digital

Seven years ago we launched FOW Digital to customers as a convenient way to purchase, download and reference Flames Of War books and lists. For some of us, it seems like just yesterday but in the software development world that is many lifetimes ago! Despite a number of software upgrades over the years, it has become unstable for some Apple users as new versions of iOS are released, rendering the app unusable to them. Unfortunately, the time is coming when we will need to lay it to rest at some time in the near future.

Don't Panic!

We are migrating customers over to a new website where you can access your content and add more. By moving to a website we give you, the customer, more power with how you can use your Digital content. Want to read your book on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac? Go ahead...

Click here to learn about Battlefront Digital and how to Migrate your Account....

Battlefront Digital

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition *UPDATED*
Last Updated July 2022
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

These are living documents that we will update as often as possible but please bear in mind that whilst we listen to feedback in the forums (and other places) we need to take a considered approach before implementing any changes.

Lessons From The Front: V4 (PDF download)...
Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly (PDF download)...

Missions for Flames Of War - Updated June 2022
With the rulebook now adopting the revised victory conditions from the old More Missions pack, we've updated it (now just called the Missions pack) to reflect this. 

The pack contains Twenty: • Annihilation • Breakthrough • Bridgehead • Contact • Cornered • Counterattack • Dust Up • Dogfight • Encounter • Encirclement •  Encounter •  Escape  Free For All • Escape  • Fighting Withdrawl • Free for • Gauntlet • Killing Ground • NoRetreat • Outflanked • Probe•  Scouts •  Spearpoint • Valley od Death • Vanguard •

Each mission has a double page telling you how to play the mission and detailing the mission special rules. You can either print each mission out on a single piece of paper (front and back) or print it as a booklet with each mission on facing pages.

More Missions

The Battle Plans mission selector allows you and your opponent to choose the most appropriate missions for your forces. Each player chooses a plan (Prepared Attack, Hasty Attack, or Defend) and then you look up a table to see which mission to play and who will be the attacker.

Flames Of War-Missions.pdf...
Flames Of War-Missions (no background texture).pdf...

October 15th Releases
Bulge: British (LW 100p A4 HB) (FW272)
British Comet Armoured Squadron (Plastic) (BRAB14)
Bulge: British Command Cards (47 Cards) (FW272C)
Bulge: British Unit Cards (66 Cards) (FW272U)

October 22nd Releases
Firestorm Market Garden (FW272F)
2022 Flames of War Challenge Tournament (TOURN01)
British 11th Armoured Gaming Set (20 x tokens, 2x Objectives, 16 x Dice (TD048)
British 7th Armoured Gaming Set (20 x tokens, 2x Objectives, 16 x Dice (TD049)
British Airborne Gaming Set (20 x tokens, 2x Objectives, 16 x Dice (TD039)

October 29th Releases
Comet Armoured Troop (5x plastic) (BBX71)
Challenger Armoured Troop (4 x Plastic) (BBX72)
Airborne/SAS Jeeps (4 x plastic) (BBX73)
Bofors SP AA Troop (3 x) (BBX74)

November 5th Releases
Lvt-4 Water Buffalos (Direct only) (BBX26)
Sawn-off Daimler (Direct Only) (BR312)
AEC III (Direct Only) (BR342)

November 5th Releases Continued
Staghound (Direct only) (BR350)
CMP 3-ton lorry (Direct only) (BR452)
Lieutenant Colonel Frost (Direct Only) (BR886)
Tulip Rocket Launcher (x4) (Direct Only) (BSO147)
DUKW Section (x2) (Direct Only) (UBX24)
4th Canadian Armoured Division Tokens (x20) & Objectives (x2) (Direct Only) (BSO909)
51st Highland Division Tokens (x20) & Objectives (x2) (Direct only) (BSO910)

November 12th Releases
Chaffee Recce Patrol (3 x plastic) (BBX75)
Sexton (Kangaroo) Field Troop (4 x plastic) (BBX76)
Land Mattress Rocket Troop (4 x plastic) (BBX78)
Archer Anti-Tank Troop (4 x plastic) (BBX77)
European: Backyards (x4) (BB249)


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