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TD014 Soviet Za Stalina

TD014 Tokens

Gaming Set
TD014 Soviet Za Stalina
(Red with yellow Hammer & Sickle)

The Red Army entered the war in a state of chaos. Stalin’s purges had eliminated the professional officers before the war, then the German victories wiped out the entire pre-war army within months.

The Red Army desperately rebuilt its strength with barely-trained conscripts. Years of hard fighting for Stalin and the Motherland has forged the survivors into a war-winning force capable of taking on and beating the best the enemy could offer.

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TD014 Dice

TD014 Tokens

The set comes with:

1x Ranged In,
4x Gone to Ground,
4x Dug In,
4x Pinned Down,
4x Bogged Down,
and 4x Bailed Out markers.

It also comes with 16 x themed dice.

Like with all our new Gaming Sets we have taken the opportunity to move the Hammer & Sickle symbol so it is now on the side of the six (rather than the one as with our older dice).

If you see your unit symbol with these dice it’s a good thing!

TD014 Tokens