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Fallschirmjäger Gaming Aids

Fallschirmjäger Gaming Aids
Fallschirmjäger Token & Objective Set (GE907)... Fallschirmjäger Dice Set (GE906)...
Fallschirmjäger Token & Objective Set (GE907)
includes two Ranged In tokens, four Foxholes tokens, eight Pinned Down/ Bailed Out tokens, one Leader token, four Gone To Ground tokens and one Anti-Aircraft token.

Even though they are toy soldiers, your troops react to heavy fire like real soldiers. Sometimes they get pinned down or bail out of their tanks. They can dig foxholes for protection or go to ground, hiding from the enemy. Tokens help you keep track of the state of your troops.The Late War German Token & Objective Set contains 20 gaming tokens and two Objective tokens in the following breakdown:

2x Ranged In tokens; 4x Foxholes tokens; 8x Pinned Down/ Bailed Out tokens; 1x Leader token; 4x Gone To Ground tokens; 1x Anti-Aircraft token; 2Objective tokens.

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Fallschirmjäger Token & Objective Set (GE907)

Fallschirmjäger Dice Set (GE906)
includes 20 Fallschirmjäger-themed gaming dice.

“Our formation is young. We have not yet any traditions. We must create tradition by our action in the future. It depends upon us whether or not the sign of the Diving Eagle—the badge which unites us—will go down in history as a symbol of military honour and valour.” — Hauptmann Friedrich August Freiherr Von der Heydte, April 1941

Note: The insignia on each die represents the 6.

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Fallschirmjäger Dice Set (GE906)