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Ace of Aces: Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign

Ace of Aces: Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign

Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign Preview 
with Andrew Haught

A Brief History Of Ace Campaigns
I started working for Flames Of War writing Ace Campaigns, the first one was Infantry Ace and it was published in the Cassino book. I first wrote the campaign for my local playgroup and sent it in to my brother who was working for Flame Of War at the time and he showed the boss and that was that. The Ace campaign was an RPG style campaign that had players create their own heroes that grew from game to game. The game did well and I was commissioned to do several more before I was offered a full time job to work at Battlefront. 

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Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign
Fast forward to today and we were working on bringing Aces in V4 when we hit on this great idea of creating a narrative campaign system using only cards. The Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign set is an incredibly flexible campaign system, it works with 2 players and it also works with a whole playgroup worth of players. It can be played as a 1-2 day tournament or over several months. It really is a one set fits all campaign set. 

The Cards
In the set you will find several different types of cards

Story Cards
Story Cards consist of Episode and Epilogue cards which are the main missions you play and will provide the narrative that connects all the missions to the story. After finishing an Episode the story card will link you to the next Episode to play based on who won the game. This means you can play though the campaign several times and have a different story and outcome each time. The Epilogue cards wrap up the story, which one you read depends on how well the players did in their last game.

Click on each of the cards to see a larger version.

 Ace of Aces: Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign
 Ace of Aces: Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign

 Side Missions
These missions are used primarily in the longer campaigns. They are missions you can shuffle up and play in-between your story missions. These missions, like story missions, will give players more rewards they can use in later missions. 

Ace Cards
Ace cards allows players to create a hero for their campaign who will grow in abilities as you play through the campaign, giving the game a strong RPG feel. Like the side missions these cards are optional

Ace of Aces: Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign 
 Ace of Aces: Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign

Reward Cards
Reward cards are bonus cards players get at the end of their games, these cards can be used as one-off effects giving players an edge during their next game.

 A Campaign In A Box
This set of cards provides all the rules and game effects to make your campaigns as easy to run as possible. They are incredibly flexible to fit the timetable your playgroup has. The campaign is also going to be compatible with future Ace Campaign card sets, letting you mix Ace cards side missions and rewards form other sets together to create the exact campaign you want.

Bloody Omaha will be released in September.