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Range Finder (AT008)

Range Finder (AT008) Range Finder (AT008)
includes one 4th Edition Range Finder.

The Range Finder was developed especially with 4th Edition Flames Of War in mind. It provides a quick reference for the range of defensive fire; command distances; movement distances and assault range.

The Range Finder can quickly measure distances of ¾"; 2"; 4"; 6" and 8" in order to quickly navigate your forces around a Flames Of War battlefield.

This product is no longer available...
The Range Finder of the Tabletop
Below: A German Panzer III moving 4".
Range Finder (AT008)
Below: German tanks move in assault range versus British infantry and 6 pdr Anti-tank guns.
Range Finder (AT008)
Below: The German assault goes in!
Range Finder (AT008)
Below: British infantry are pinned down by German defensive fire.
Range Finder (AT008)