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Damage Tokens (VE094)

Damage Tokens (VE094)

Damage Tokens (VE094)
includes six laser-cut acrylic damage tokens for use with Riverine Boats.

Riverine boats were designed to absorb a lot of damage and keep going. In Flames Of War, most riverine craft use the Assault Boats rules on page 10-11 of Brown Water Navy.

These laser-cut acrylic tokens are perfect for tracking how much damage your riverine boats have taken. 

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Brown Water Navy
The waterways of the Mekong Delta are busy with sampans, merchants, villages, and farming communities. They are the life blood of South Vietnam, through which over half of the entire country’s rice flows. It is remote with few roads accessing the interior’s rice fields and jungles. The Việt Cộng have launched their liberation movement from within this formidable fortress.

However, the US Army and Navy have come together to create the Mobile Riverine Force, a joint operation of infantry and assault boats. They are reinforced with helicopter gunships, devastating Skyraider aircraft and more. This new force is ready to take the fight upriver.

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Brown Water Navy
Damage Tokens (VE094)

Assault Boats in Brown Water Navy

Bogging Down
Assault boats can sometimes push through obstacles, such as sand bars. However, sometimes they can get hung up or beached.

When an Assault Boat would become Bogged Down it is Damaged and receives a Damage marker instead.

Bailed Out
When an assault boat is not destroyed outright by a hit, its crew can defend themselves at the same time as repairing the damage to get it back into the fight.

When an Assault Boat would become Bailed Out, immediately roll a second Firepower Test for the shooting team.

  • If successful, a solid hit is scored and the Assault Boat is Damaged and receives a Damage marker. 
  • Otherwise, the hit was minor and the Bailed Out result is ignored.

Shooting at Assault Boats
Assault boats are built to absorb a tremendous amount of punishment and keep fighting.

If an Assault Boat is Destroyed by Shooting or an Artillery Bombardment, it is Damaged rather than Destroyed. Place a Damage marker on the Assault Boat. If an Assault Boat needs to take multiple saves from an enemy platoon’s shooting, take each save in turn, applying the result before taking the next save.


Brown Water Navy