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Nisei Token Set (TK026)

Nisei Token Set (TK026) Nisei Token Set (TK026)

No unit is more eager to earn respect from their peers than the Nisei (second generation Japanese-American) soldiers of the US 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

This product is no longer available.
"Gaming aids such as the Nisei token set help you keep track of the status of your units while on the battlefield. Whether its remounting a bailed out tank, ranging in artillery or digging in your infantry; these tokens cover every situation you’ll come across in Flames Of War."
The Nisei Token Set contains 26 full-colour gaming tokens:

4x Bailed Out tokens.
4x Bogged Down tokens.
4x Dug In tokens.
4x Gone To Ground tokens.
4x Pinned Down tokens.
2x Ranged In tokens.
2x Reorganising tokens.
2x At The Double tokens.
Nisei in action
Even while their families are being held in internment camps in the western United States, these men stop at nothing to accomplish their mission and prove that they are truly American citizens by shedding their blood. Take command of some of the best troops in the American army. They are highly motivated and many months of combat have made them determined and skilled fighters.