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Mounted Cossack Platoon (SSO142) (Direct Only)

Mounted Cossack Platoon (SSO142)

Mounted Cossack Platoon (x5 teams) (SSO142) (Direct Only)
Contains 1x Cossack Command team OR Cossack Kommisar team, 4x Cossack Rifle/MG teams, 1x small base and 4x large bases.

Cavalry is almost as old as warfare itself but still remains important even in the age of Blitzkrieg. While there is little scope for cavalry in densely populated Europe where excellent roads make motorised vehicles superior, cavalry still plays an important part in operations on the Eastern Front.

The Soviet Union is vast and much of it remains roadless. The Pripyat Marshes, an area of swampy forest the size of a small country, sitting astride the main route from Moscow to Berlin, are practically impenetrable to motorised vehicles. These factors, combined with a universal shortage of trucks, make cavalry very attractive to all participants on the Eastern Front.   

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Mounted Cossack Platoon (SSO142)

Last Updated On Friday, February 10, 2023