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Ford GPA Jeep (SU402) (Direct Only)

Ford GPA (amphibious) Jeep

Ford GPA (amphibious) Jeep (x3) (SU402) (Direct Only)
Contains 3x Ford GPA Jeeps

In 1941 the Jeep entered production with Willys, Ford and Bantam, next the US Motor Transport Board set up a project designated ‘QMC-4 1/4 Ton Truck Light Amphibian’. As the war progressed bridges over Europe's rivers were being taken out one after another by the retreating Germans. An ideal solution was to create a jeep that could swim as well as drive.

Following on from the DUKW amphibious truck Roderick Stephens Jr. of Sparkman & Stephens Inc. yacht designers, designed the shape for a 1200kg (2700lbs) amphibious jeep. Not surprisingly Stephens' hull design looked like a miniature version of that of the DUKW. The design maintained many of the DUKW features such as a screw propeller and a rudder. 

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Ford GPA (amphibious) Jeep (x3) (SU402)

Ford GPA Jeep (SU402)

Last Updated On Friday, February 10, 2023