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Bagration: Axis Allies - Hungarian Direct Only Range

Sturmi Add-ons (FSO120)

Hungarian Direct Range

Sturmi Add-ons (FSO120)

Anti-Tank Crew (FSO107)

Huszar Troop (HU708)
includes five Cavalry 31M MG & 95M Rifle Teams.

The advantages of the mounted Huszár (Hussar, pronounced hoo-sahr) become obvious on the Eastern Front. Speed is their major asset, especially on the counterattack, where the enemy is not set for defence and the surprise of a cavalry force appearing on the flank can send even the steadiest company into disarray.

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Artillery Crew (HSO101)

Artillery Crew (HSO101)
includes four Gun Crews and one Observer Team.

The artillery of the infantry divisions has undergone changes since 1943. The infantry’s artillery fights with 100mm 14M Skoda howitzers as the standard weapons instead of the now retired 80mm guns.

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Anti-tank Gun and AA Crew (HSO104)

Anti-tank Gun and AA Crew (HSO104)
includes three Anti-tank Gun Crews, two 40mm AA Gun Crews and two Heavy AA Gun Crews.

The standard anti-aircraft weapon of all Hungarian divisions is the Swedish designed 40mm Bofors gun. This modern and very effective anti-aircraft weapon is ideal for protecting your troops from roaming Allied ground-attack aircraft.

Hungarian 80mm AA gun should be HSO502 80mm AA gun...

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