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Fallschirmjäger Light Gun Platoon (GE561) (Direct Only)

7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40

Light Gun Platoon (Fallschirmjäger) (GE561) (Direct Only)
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40

The Fallschirmjäger Light Gun Platoons were armed with the 7.5 cm LG40. The 7.5cm LG40 is a light recoilless gun designed for use in airborne operations. It first went into action during Operation Merkur (the invasion of Crete) in 1941 where it was dropped in four separate containers. Later methods were refined and only two drop containers were used.

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Berlin: German
In January 1945 the German Ardennes offensive in the west failed to force the Allies to the negotiating table. The British and Americans are ready to cross into Germany. The newly-raised Panzerdivision ‘Clauswitz’ and troops from the schools and training battalions are thrown into the fight. Every fighting man is utilised in the defence of the Reich. In the east, the Germans traded ground for time, falling back into western Poland and east Prussia and establishing Festerplatz, or fortress cities. An eerie calm settled in for the first few weeks of the new year as both sides prepare.
Berlin: German
It was of very light construction making it ideal for the Fallschirmjäger. The 7.5cm LG40 was also pushed into service with other German light troops where its light construction made it ideal for mountain operations.   

Unfortunately, like all recoilless weapons, the LG40 has a substantial back blast creating a hazardous cone behind the weapon.

As a Man-packed Gun, they make good ambushers before opening fire, and their Turntable lets them fire in any direction when they do.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter

Light Gun Platoon (Fallschirmjäger) (GE561)
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40 Command SMG team
Command SMG team 7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40 Command SMG team
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40 Drop canister

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