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3-Inch Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (BR734)

Priest Field Troop (BBX45)

3-Inch Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (BR734)
includes three plastic 3-inch gun and crew sprues, six medium plastic bases, one plastic base insert sprue and one Unit card.

The 3-inch mortars of the battalion's mortar platoon give them immediate artillery support. The mortars are excellent for softening up the enemy before an assault and for knocking out enemy machine-gun nests. The SBML (smooth-bore muzzleloading) 2-inch mortar conducts overhead fire, throwing a 1kg (2lb) high-explosive bomb in an arcing trajectory, down onto the heads of the enemy, making it excellent at knocking out dug-in enemy troops.

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Armoured Fist
The British Army has the Italian-German armies in Africa caught in a vice, and are steadily screwing the jaws shut. The Eighth Army is advancing from El Alamein in the east, while the First Army fights its way through Tunisia from the west. Their armoured divisions combine the dash of fast, light tanks like the Honey and Crusader, with the power of the heavy Grant and Sherman. Their infantry divisions have some of the toughest riflemen in the world, backed up by thickly-armoured Churchill and Valentine tanks and massed artillery. Together, they make up a force that can defeat anything the enemy brings against them, a force that will destroy the Axis forces in Africa.

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MMG Platoon & Mortar Section (Plastic) (BR754) MMG Platoon & Mortar Section (Plastic) (BR754)

Each motor company has a section of two 3-inch mortars for close support. They fire a 5kg (10lb) high-explosive bomb which can knock out enemy gun positions or break up attacking infantry units. While not as deadly as its big-barrelled Royal Artillery counterparts, the 3-inch mortar is a more portable alternative.

MMG Platoon & Mortar Section (Plastic) (BR754) MMG Platoon & Mortar Section (Plastic) (BR754)
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3-Inch Mortar Sprue (x3) Bases
Priest Field Troop (BBX45) Priest Field Troop (BBX45)
Unit Cards
3-Inch Mortar Platoon (x1)
Priest Field Troop (BBX45)
Click here to learn how to assemble the 3-Inch Mortar Platoon here...
Click here to learn how to assemble the 3-Inch Mortar Platoon here...

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