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Flames Of War Game Night Organised Play Kits

Game Night Kit 

Flames Of War Game Night Organised Play Kits
Contains one Instructional Booklet, one Call-to-Action Poster, three Monthly Score Sheets, three exclusive Token Sets, three exclusive Mission Pack Token Sets, three exclusive Dice Sets, three exclusive Unit Card Boxes and four Certificates

Flames Of War Game Night Kits are a fun way to spice up your normal casual pick-up games at your local store or club. Each week you will face a new opponent or army-list as you hone your skills and your force. Focus your groups local Flames of War meet ups while competing for with your friends for exclusive rewards.

In each Game Night pack you will find everything you need to support a casual, three-month Flames Of War league in your club or store. During this league, players will collect points that go towards earning the exclusive rewards and prizes included in this pack. The three players who score the most points each month will win a monthly prize and the top three players at the end of the league will earn the overall Game Night prize.

Each Flames Of War Game Night Organised Play Kit will cost USD$25, Euro€25 or GBP£20 and is available to order now. Each kit includes information and supporting material you need to run your Game Night event, along with exclusive prizes only available in this kit

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Grow your community and join the war now! Inside the Game Night pack you will find everything you need to support a casual, three month Flames Of War league in your club or store including information on how to run the Game Nights, as well as monthly score sheets and exclusive prizes.

Running A Game Night
Some clubs and stores are accustomed to running regular wargaming events, but for many it is something new. The included Instructional Booklet gives organisers, whether veterans or new, some great ideas on how to run an organised play event, including:

  • Ideas on the style of event you could run, from open play where players make the rules through to a regular week-by-week tournament
  • Suggestions for the organiser about how to run the event 'on the day'
  • Information on how the scoring system and how prizes can be awarded

Game Night Kit

Whilst it is fun to beat your enemies and crush their armies, it is also nice to have more than memories to remind you of your victories. The Flames Of War Game Night kit comes with prizes that you can win for participating in all aspects of the Flames Of War of hobby, whether it is destroying your friends (and enemies) through to bringing a new player into the group.

  • Month 1 Prizes – Game Night Exclusive Token Set
  • Month 2 Prizes – Game Night Exclusive Mission Pack Tokens
  • Month 3 Prizes – Game Night Exclusive Dice Set
  • Overall Winners – Game Night Card Box
  • Field Marshall Certificate – Most games won
  • Kommisar Certificate – Most games played or Most games lost (depending on the type of event)
  • Battlefield Historian Certificate – Most History Points
  • Quartermaster Certificate – Most Hobby Points
Join the war, crush your enemies, and win exclusive prizes with the Flames Of Game Night Organised Play Kits. Game Night Kit
 Game Night Kit

We've added a simple scoring spreadsheet to help you organise you competitions.

Click here to download the Simple Scoring Sheet...

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