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Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)

Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)

Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
Includes four Type 97 81mm Mortar or Type 94 90mm Mortar teams, Command Sword team, Observer Rifle team, four Medium four-hole bases, two Small three-hole bases and two base plug sprues.

Mortars are ideal support weapons for the infantry. The Japanese made extensive use of a variety of mortars to great effect in the Pacific, where their mobility was welcome.

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Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie.

The Japanese strike on Pearl Harbor has awoken the Americans.
Now they must fight with determination to hold their gains, to push the westerners back and consolidate Japanese control. Every inch of ground, each beach, village and airfield, are defended with a ferocity against which no enemy can stand.

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Banzai – Imperial Japanese Forces in the Pacific
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)

Japanese mortars ranged in size from the Type 89 50mm light mortar (nicknamed the ‘knee’ mortar by the Americans) to the heavy 150mm Type 97 model. Not to be confused with its much larger cousin, the 81mm Type 97 mortar that was a modified version of the French Brandt mortar, and was in all respects similar to mortars of the same calibre fielded by the United States, Italy, and France.

The slightly heavier Type 94 90mm design was rarer than the 81mm model, and fired a heavier projectile.

The 81mm Mortar teams
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705) Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705) Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705) Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
Note: The visual differences between the Type 97 81mm mortar and the Type 94 90mm mortar aren't enough to bother with at this scale, so you can choose whichever option works for your army list, without worrying about having two different sets of models.
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
Medium Mortar Platoon in Flames of War



Anti-Tank Firepower Notes
Type 97 81mm mortar Man-packed 24"/60cm 2 2 3+ Minium range 8"/20cm, Smoke.
   Firing bombardments    40"/100cm - 2 6 Smoke bombardment.
Type 94 90mm mortar Man-packed No direct fire.
   Firing bombardments    48"/120cm - 2 5+ Smoke bombardment.

The Command Sword team
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705) Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705) Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
The Observer team
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705) Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705) Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)

Medium Mortar Platoon Blister Pack Contents
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Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
a. 1x Officer with pistol.
b. 1x Officer pointing.
c. 1x Standing rifleman.
d. 1x Kneeling pointing NCO.
e. 1x Kneeling rifleman pointing.
f. 1x Radio.
g. 1x Kneeling radio operator.
h. 1x Kneeling observer with binoculars.
i. 2x Kneeling crewman
j. 4x Crewman with hands over ears.
k. 4x Crewman loading mortar bomb.
l. 4x Mortar sprue.
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
2x Small three-hole bases. 4x Medium four-hole bases. 2x Base plug sprue.

Assembling the Medium Mortar Platoon
Assembling the Mortars
Assembling the themselves is quite simple: just attach the mortar bipod to the mortar tube as shown below.
Below: The other piece on the mortar sprue is an ammo canister, which you can use as extra decoration on the mortar team bases.
Mortar Platoon (Winter) (US754) Mortar Platoon (Winter) (US754) Mortar Platoon (Winter) (US754)

Each mortar team should have a mortar and three crew figures: the crewman with his hands over his ears (j.), loader (k.) and one additional crew figure (b., e. or i.). Use a base plug to fill in any unused holes.

Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)
Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)

The Command Sword Team

Place the officer (a.) standing NCO (d.) and standing rifleman (c.) on the small three-hole base.

The Observer Rifle Team

The Observer Rifle team consists of the kneeling observer figure (h.), the radio operator (g.) and the radio set (f.) on a small three-hole base.

Medium Mortar Platoon (JP705)

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