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Type 91 105mm gun (JP575)

Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)

Designed by Evan Allen.
Painted by Aaron Mathie.

Type 91 105mm gun (JP575)
Includes two Type 91 105mm guns, with 10 crew figures, Command Rifle team, Observer team, two Large artillery bases, one Small three-hole base, one Small two-hole base and one base plug sprue.

The Type 91 105mm howitzer employed by Japanese Field Artillery Regiments was a howitzer of fairly orthodox design, being largle based on earlier French guns. It could fire a 15kg high-explosive shell over 10,000 metres (10km), and could also fire chemical, armor-piercing or shrapnel shells.

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The Japanese strike on Pearl Harbor has awoken the Americans.
Now they must fight with determination to hold their gains, to push the westerners back and consolidate Japanese control. Every inch of ground, each beach, village and airfield, are defended with a ferocity against which no enemy can stand.

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Banzai – Imperial Japanese Forces in the Pacific

Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)

Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575) Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)
Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575) Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)
Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575) Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)
The Type 91 105mm gun in Flames Of War



Anti-Tank Firepower Notes
Type 91 105mm gun



1 9 2+ Gun shield, Breakthrough gun, Smoke.
   Firing bombardments



- 4 4+ Smoke bombardment.

Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)
A Field Artillery Battery Gun Sections use the Fire Bursts special rule.
Fire Bursts
Japanese artillery relied on rapid bursts of fire from limited numbers of guns. This conserved ammunition and made good use of their very limited artillery resources. Japanese artillery operates in sections of one or two guns.

When firing two-gun Artillery Bombardments Japanese Hohei Battalion Gun Platoons, Hohei Regimental Gun Platoons, and Field Artillery batteries do not re-roll hits. Single-gun batteries still retain the +1 penalty on the roll To Hit (see page 131 of the rulebook).

Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)

Type 91 105mm gun Blister Pack Contents
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Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)
a. 1x Officer with sword.
b. 1x Kneeling pointing NCO.
c. 1x Standing rifleman.
d. 1x Kneeling pointing observer.
e. 1x Prone rifleman.
f. 1x Pointing NCO with sword.
g. 1x Gun crewman with arms spread.
h. 2x Kneeling crewman.
i. 2x Kneeling crewman.
j. 2x Crewman with hands over ears.
k. 2x Crewman holding shell.
l. 2x Gun trail.
m. 2x Gun shield.
n. 2x 105mm gun.
o. 4x Gun wheels.
Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)
2x Large Artillery bases.
1x Small Three-hole base.
1x Small Two-hole base.
1x Base plug sprue.

Assembling the Type 91 105mm gun 
Step 1. Begin assembly of your Type 91 105mm Gun by gluing the gun shield (m.) to the gun (n.). Ensure the shield is pressed up snugly against the angled front of the gun body.
Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575) Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)
Step 2. Glue the wheels (o.) to the axle on either side of the trail (l.). Step 3. Glue the gun and shield to the trail. The round peg and divot ensure correct placement.
Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575) Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)
Below. Each Type 91 105mm Gun should have the gun, four crew figures (h.k.) and a fifth figure (either f. or g.) on a large artillery base. Use a base plug to fill any unused holes.
Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)

Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575) The Command Sword Team

The Command Sword team should have the officer with sword (a.), the kneeling NCO (b.) and the standing rifleman (c.) on the small three-hole base. (figures in painted images above may vary).

The Observer Team

The Observer team should have the the kneeling pointing observer (d.) and the prone rifleman (e.) on the small two-hole base, using a base plug to fill the unused hole. (figures in painted images above may vary).

Type 91 105mm Gun (JP575)

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