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Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)

Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)

Designed by Evan Allen.
Painted by Aaron Mathie.

Type 1 47mm Gun (JP510)
Includes Command Rifle team, two Type 1 47mm anti-tank guns, with eight crew figures, two Medium four-hole bases, one Small three-hole base and one base plug sprue.

The Type 1 47mm was a relatively modern design compared to earlier Japanese gun designs. It was designed to be operated from a kneeling or prone position, with a low profile and a gun shield to protect the crew. With AP shells it could penetrate the front armor of the M4 Sherman at 800 yards, though standard doctrine was to wait until tanks got closer if possible to ensure good shot placement.

The Japanese strike on Pearl Harbor has awoken the Americans.
Now they must fight with determination to hold their gains, to push the westerners back and consolidate Japanese control. Every inch of ground, each beach, village and airfield, are defended with a ferocity against which no enemy can stand.

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Banzai – Imperial Japanese Forces in the Pacific
Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)

Japan’s primary anti-tank weapon, 37mm Type 94 quick-firing gun, had proved only somewhat effective against Soviet armour at Nomonhan. It was only capable of penetrating 40mm of armour, and that was at close ranges. The Japanese therefore began developing improved models, albeit at a slower pace than the Western forces. The Japanese believed the Type 1 47mm gun (a similar calibre to the gun used by the Soviets at Nomonhan) would be effective against any tanks supplied to the Chinese and the expected light tanks which would fielded by the Allies in any Pacific War.

Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510) Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)
Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510) Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)
The Type 1 47mm Gun in Flames of War



Anti-Tank Firepower Notes
Type 1 47m gun



3 8 4+  Gun shield.

Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510) Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)
Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)

Type 1 47mm Gun Blister Pack Contents
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Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)
a. 1x Officer with pistol.
b. 1x Kneeling NCO.
c. 1x Standing rifleman.
d. 1x Kneeling pointing gun crewman.
e. 1x Kneeling pointing gun crewman.
f. 2x Kneeling gun crewman.
g. 2x Gun crewman with ammunition box.
h. 2x Gun crewman holding shell.
i. 2x Gun trail.
j. 2x Gun shield.
k. 2x 47mm gun.
l. 2x Wheel sprue.
Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)
2x Medium Four-hole bases. 1x Small Three-hole base. 1x Base plug sprue.

Assembling the Type 1 47mm Gun 
Step 1. Begin assembly of your Type 1 47mm Gun by removing the wheels from their sprue (l.) and gluing them to the axle on either side of the trail (i.).
Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510) Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)
Step 2. Next glue the gun (k.) on to the trail, using the round peg and hole to ensure correct placement. Step 3. the gun shield (j.), with the shield pressed up snugly against the angled front of the gun body.
Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510) Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)
Each gun team should include the gun, a gun crew commander (d. or e.) and three other crew figures (f.h.) on a medium four-hole base. Use base plugs to fill a any usused holes. Type 1 47mm Anti-tank Gun (JP510)

Hohei Weapons Platoon (JP707)

The Command Sword Team

Place the officer (a.) standing NCO (b.) and standing rifleman (c.) on the small three-hole base.

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