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Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)

Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)

Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
Contains 1x Command Rifle team, 4x Rifle teams, 2x VB (rifle grenade) teams and 2x MG teams.

The sharp end of our fighting force is the rifleman, much the same as it was in the days of Napoleon. Supported by Chauchat light machine guns and Vivien and Bessières rifle grenades, our fusiliers can handle any challenge in the attack or on defence.

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1918 saw great changes in the warfare of the Western Front. Russia pulled out of the war, freeing thousands more German troops to push the Allies back huge distances. The Allied counteroffensives, with the new tanks, evolving tactics, and the arrival of the Americans, forced the Germans back towards their own borders and defeat.

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Great War: World War One Battles of 1918
Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie
Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702) Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702) Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702) Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702) Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702) Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)

They Shall Not Pass
Despite a number of mutinies during 1917, the French were still stubborn fighters in 1918, often unwilling to give up positions easily during the German spring offensives. They held tough, and did not needlessly give ground.

When French platoons test their Motivation to Counterattack in assaults, you may re-roll the die and apply the re-rolled result to all French platoons that failed on the original roll.

Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702) Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702) Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
The Fusiliers Platoon in Great War
ROF Anti-
Firepower Notes
Rifle team 16"/40cm 1 2 6 Trench fighters.

VB (rifle grenade) team 8"/20cm 2 1 4+ Can fire over friendly teams. 

MG team 16"/40cm 3 2 6 ROF 2 when pinned down.

Trench Fighters
The French had adopted well-drilled grenade tactics by 1918, using them aggressively in both attack and defence. Using grenadiers with hand-grenades, light-weight Chauchat lightmachine-guns, VB rifle-grenadiers, fixed bayonets, and their natural élan, trenches were taken with an aggressive spirit.

Rifle and Pistol teams from French Fusiliers Platoons hit on a roll of 2+ in Assaults (instead of 3+ for being veterans). VB and MG teams support the assault from behind the charge, and therefore do not benefit from the Trench Fighters special rule.

Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702) Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)

Trench Warfare
French troops are trained for trench warfare. Their operational plan is to make a short deliberate advance under cover of massed artillery fire, then fortify their position to hold it while the artillery comes up to repeat the process. While the advance is slow, it is sure and will eventually result in the defeat of the enemy.

When conducting Defensive Fire, Infantry and Gun teams that are Dug In or in Entrenchments can shoot over any Man-packed or Light Gun teams that are also Dug In or in Entrenchments.

Fusiliers Platoon Assembly guide
The Officers & NCOs
a. 1x Officer figure with pistol.
b. 1x NCO gesturing with right hand.
c. 1x NCO pointing.
d. 1x NCO kneeling and pointing.
Assembling Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
Assembling Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)

Assembling The Command Pistol Team
To assemble the Command Pistol team, simply arrange the Officer figure, one NCO and one Fusilier figure on one of the Small three-hole bases provided in the box set.

The Fusiliers
Assembling Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
a. 3x Fusilers kneeling
b. 3
x Fusiliers kneeling shooting.
 3x Fusiliers advancing A.
d. 3x Fusiliers advancing B.
e. 3x Fusiliers advancing C.
 3x Fusiliers standing firing.
g. 3x Fusiliers advancing D.

Assembling The Fusilier Platoon
A French Fusiliers Platoon consists of either one or two Fusiliers Half-Platoons (in Clavery's Chargers, both of the Fusiliers Platoons are a single Half-Platoon) each with an HQ Section containing the Command Pistol Team (already covered above), and two Fusiliers Squads. Each of these Fusiliers Squads contains two Rifle teams. The first Rifle team should have one NCO figure and three Fusilier figures. The second team just has four Fusilier figures.

Rifle teams use four-hole Medium bases.

Assembling Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
Below: An example of an assembled Rifle team with three fusiliers and an NCO.
Assembling Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702) Assembling Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
Assembling the MG teams
Assembling Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)

Each Fusiliers Squad also has a Machine-gun team with an advancing Chauchat LMG gunner and loader (left) and one Fusilier figure.

The MG teams are modelled on Medium four-hole bases, using a base plug to fill the unused hole.

The MG Teams
a. 2x Chauchat MG gunner.
b. 2x Chauchat MG loader.

Assembling The VB (rifle grenade) Teams  

The VB Teams
a. 3x Sitting VB Rifle Grenade figure.
b. 3
x Kneeling VB Rifle Grenade figure.

Each VB team consists of three VB figures and a Fusilier figure on a Medium four-hole base.

Assembling Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)
Assembling Fusiliers Platoon (GFR702)

The Rifle Platoon Bases
a. 1x Small three-hole base.
b. 8x Medium four-hole bases.
c. 1x Base plug sprue.

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