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American Rifle Platoon (GUS702)

Rifle Platoon (GUS702)

American Rifle Platoon (GUS702)
Includes one American Rifle Half-platoon with Command Rifle team, four Rifle teams, two VB (rifle grenade) teams and two Chauchat MG teams, one three-hole Small base, eight four-hole Medium bases and one plastic base-plug sprue.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie

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1918 saw great changes in the warfare of the Western Front. Russia pulled out of the war, freeing thousands more German troops to push the Allies back huge distances. The Allied counteroffensives, with the new tanks, evolving tactics, and the arrival of the Americans, forced the Germans back towards their own borders and defeat.

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Great War: World War One Battles of 1918
Our platoons number twice the size of those of both our battleworn allies and enemy. Split into half platoons, our light machine-gun squads with either Lewis or Chauchat machine guns can keep the enemies' heads down while our rifle squads close in. If we encounter any enemy machine-gun nests, our Vivien and Bessières rifle grenades can quickly take them out.
Rifle Platoon (GUS702)

Lafayette, We Are Here
The arrival of the Americans was a great boost to the French soldiers morale. The Americans’ goodwill, enthusiasm, and the quality of their equipment did much to lift the spirits of the French Poilu.

French platoons in an American force to do not count as Allied Platoons (See page 70 of the Flames Of War rulebook).

Rifle Platoon (GUS702) Rifle Platoon (GUS702)
Rifle Platoon (GUS702) Rifle Platoon (GUS702)

Sergeant York
American platoons had good NCOs that they followed into combat no matter what.

An American platoon may Charge into Combat and Consolidate without having a Platoon Command team, and if it does so, the Assaulting teams do not need to be or remain In Command.

Rifle Platoon (GUS702) Rifle Platoon (GUS702) Rifle Platoon (GUS702)
The Rifle Platoon in Great War
ROF Anti-
Firepower Notes
Rifle team 16"/40cm 1 2 6 Trench fighters.

VB (rifle grenade) team 8"/20cm 2 1 4+ Can fire over friendly teams. 

MG team 16"/40cm 3 2 6 ROF 2 when pinned down.

Trench Fighters
Learning quickly from their Allies, by 1918 the Americans had adopted the methods of attack developed by the British and French in the hard-fought years of 1916 and 1917.

Rifle and Pistol teams from American Rifle Platoons hit on a roll of 2+ in Assaults if they are Veterans (instead of 3+) or 3+ if they are Trained (instead of 4+). VB and MG teams support the assault from behind the charge and therefore do not benefit from the Trench Fighters special rule.

Rifle Platoon (GUS702) Rifle Platoon (GUS702) Rifle Platoon (GUS702)

Over there
Commanders of the American forces in France were determined that they should be treated as equals, and not parcelled out and used to fill gaps by their Allies. The American soldiers proved to be capable and brave. They did not let their commanders down, showing valiant conduct under fire and a willingness to press home attacks.

Any American Platoon that is Pinned Down may re-roll failed Motivation tests to rally from being Pinned Down or remount vehicles after being Bailed Out.

Rifle Platoon (GUS702)

Assembling the Rifle Platoon
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An American Rifle Platoon consists of either one or two Rifle Half-Platoons, each with an HQ Section containing the Command Pistol Team and two Rifle Squads with two Rifle teams, one VB (rifle grenade) team and one MG team.

Assembling Brett's Brawlers
The Command Pistol Team
Assembling Brett's Brawlers To assemble the Command Pistol team, arrange the Officer figure (see below), one NCO Rifleman and one Rifleman figure on one of the Small three-hole bases provided.
The Officers & NCOs
a. 1x Officer figure with pistol.
b. 1x NCO gesturing with right hand.
c. 1x NCO pointing.
d. 1x NCO kneeling and pointing.
Assembling Brett's Brawlers
The Riflemen
Assembling Brett's Brawlers
a. 2x Riflemen kneeling, throwing grenade.
b. 2x Riflemen advancing quickly.
c. 3x Riflemen advacing cautiously.
d. 3x Riflemen advacing.
e. 3x Riflemen standing with bayonet extended.
f. 3x Riflemen standing firing.
g. 3x Riflemen kneeling firing.
Each Rifle Squad contains two Rifle teams. The first Rifle team needs to contain one NCO figure and three Riflemen figures. The second team simply contains four Riflemen figures. Rifle teams use four-hole Medium bases.
Below: An example of an assembled Rifle team three riflemen and an NCO.
Assembling Brett's Brawlers Assembling Brett's Brawlers
Assembling the MG teams
Each Rifle Squad also has a Machine-gun team with the two-man Chauchat LMG team (the prone gunner and loader figures; see the examples below) and one rifleman figure.

The MG teams are modelled on Medium four-hole bases, using base plugs to fill the unused holes.

Assembling Brett's Brawlers

The MG Teams
a. 2x Prone MG gunner figures.
b. 2x Prone MG loader figures.

Tip: Use the base plugs to fill the figure holes on the base intended for use for the MG team in order to attach the prone MG gunner and loader figures directly to the base.

Assembling The VB (rifle grenade) Teams  

The VB Teams
a. 3x Sitting VB Rifle Grenade figure.
b. 3
x Kneeling VB Rifle Grenade figure.

Each VB team consists of three VB figures and a Rifleman figure on a Medium four-hole base.

Assembling Brett's Brawlers
Assembling Brett's Brawlers

The Rifle Platoon Bases
a. 1x Small three-hole base.
b. 8x Medium four-hole bases.
c. 1x Base plug sprue.

The Rifle Platoon ready for action.
Rifle Platoon (GUS702)

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