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Red Banner Warriors (SU886) (Direct Only)

Red Banner Warriors (SU886)

Red Banner Warriors (SU886) (Direct Only)
includes 23 metal figures, with a Red Banner Colour Party and alternate command, Panzerfaust and pioneer figures, one medium four-hole base and one small three-hole base.

A Red Banner is a useful way of motivating your troops, while adding a splash of extra colour to your army. Rather than just offering the Red Banner Colour Party on its own, we have created a versatile blister pack containing a variety of figures which will make useful additions to your Soviet army in numerous different ways.

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You can find suggestions for how to use these figures below. Ultimately, though, it is entirely up to you how you want to integrate them into your army, even if you just want to mix some of the figures in with your Strelkovy teams to add variety. They were designed by the same sculptor who created the '3-up' masters for the plastic Soviet figures, so they will blend in well.


Red Banner Warriors (SU886)

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The Red Banner Colour Party
Red Banner Warriors (SU886)
Using the Red Banner Colour Party figures
Red Banner Warriors (SU886) The banner bearer should be placed on a medium base with three or four colour guard escort miniatures - you can of course use the SMG-armed figures from the blister, as in the photographs above. Or you can mix and match with other infantry figures such as the plastic Strelkovy Company (SBX30).

The Alternate Command Figures
Red Banner Warriors (SU886) Red Banner Warriors (SU886) Red Banner Warriors (SU886)
Red Banner Warriors (SU886)

The senior officer figure, with his distinctive jacket and cane, would be a great option for your Battalion Commander or Komissar.

The cameraman is such a characterful figure, two are included in the pack. He can add some flavour to one of your Command or Komissar teams, or perhaps become part of an interesting diorama or objective marker.

The Pioneer figures
Red Banner Warriors (SU886)

These figures - one throwing a molotov cocktail and another preparing to sling a satchel charge are - perfect for modelling pioneer teams for your sapper companies.

The Panzerfaust figures
Red Banner Warriors (SU886)

During Operation Bagration thousands of German Panzerfaust anti-tank launchers were captured by the Red Army and put to good use. These figures can be mixed in with your Strelkovy to model all those Panzerfaust upgrades that become more and more common towards the end of the war, as well as Faustnika teams for your Hero Inzhenerno-Saperniy Company.

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Red Banner Warriors (SU886)

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