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Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)

Strelkovy Company (SBX33)
Includes six plastic Strelkovy sprues, four Small three-hole bases, two Small two-hole bases, 18 Medium four-hole bases, nine Medium five-hole bases & two plastic hole plug sprues.

The Strelkovy form the bulk of the Red Army. Their role is to break through the enemy defences, forcing a gap for the mechanised troops to exploit. These formidable troops are now the latest additions to the Flames Of War plastic miniatures range.

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The last of Flames Of War’s current series of late-war intelligence handbooks, Berlin focuses on the Soviet assault on the German capital city of Berlin, the battles to encircle it, and the final desperate defence by the by the rag-tag German forces defending it.

Learn more about the Soviet forces in Berlin here...
Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)
The Plastic Strelkovy Sprue
Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)
Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)
Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)

While the division’s Shturmovye Groups lead the attack on the enemy positions, the rest of the Strelki (riflemen) follow behind as the reserve and to mop up isolated pockets of resistance. The Strelkovy Battalions retain all their standard weapons. Their Mosin Nagant rifles, DP light machine-guns, and Maksim heavy machine-guns are ideal for the reserve role where they provide covering fire for the assaulting Shturmovye Groups.

Designed by Giorgio Bassani
Painted by Aaron Mathie

Left: Company Comand Rifle team.     

Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)
Command Rifle/MG team  
Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33) Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)
Komissar team   
Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33) Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)
Rifle/MG teams   
Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33) Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)
The Strelkovy Battalion in Flames Of War
Rifle/MG team 16"/40cm 2 2 6  
Maksim HMG team 24"/60cm 6 2 6 ROF 3 when pinned down or moving.
Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33) Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33)
Strelkovy Battalion (SBX33) Maksim HMG team
The reliable Maksim heavy machine-gun is an old friend of the frontovik. Deploy them in support of your companies, or have them concentrate their fire to keep the enemy pinned down.
Assembling the Plastic Strelkovy Company
Assembling the Plastic Strelkovy Company
Above are the figures on the Strelkovy Sprue, highlighted with the same colour coding as seen on the back of the box:  the officers highlighted in red; the Komissar is highlighted in white; the NCOs are highlighted in blue;  the LMG gunners are highlighted in black; the riflemen are highlighted in blue; and the Maksim HMG crews are highlighted in orange.
Assembling the Plastic Strelkovy Company This box is very versatile, annd gives you lots of options. It forms the core of any Soviet infantry army, or plentiful infantry support for an armoured or mechanised force. Let's look at a few of the many options which are possible using plastic Strelkovy Company, starting with a Strelkovy Company (as the building block of a full Strelkovy Batalon) from Red Bear. 

Assembling The Strelkovy Company
A Strelkovy Company is made up of an HQ Section containing a Command Rifle/MG team with optional Komissar team, and one, two or three Strelkovy Platoons, each containing seven Rifle/MG teams.

To assemble the Command Rifle/MG team, use one Officer figure, one NCO figure and one rifleman, on one of the small three-hole bases provided in the box set.

The Komissar team uses a Komissar figure and a rifleman, on a small two-hole base. 

Assembling the Plastic Strelkovy Company

Each Rifle/MG team is made up of riflemen, NCOs (or an officer) and LMG gunners, as indicated above.

The Maksim HMG team uses three figures on a medium base: the two-part HMG gunner, the loader, and either a rifleman or an NCO - preferably a kneeling figure. Using a four-hole medium base, you can fill in the unneeded holes with a base plug.

Assembling the Strelkovy Batalon HQ

Assembling the Plastic Strelkovy Company

Of course, if you would prefer to field two under-strength companies – one with two Rifle Platoons and the other with just one – the box gives you enough command teams to do so. So this box can give you an entire game-ready Strelkovy Battalion, just waiting for you to add whatever support options you like. Whichever way you look at it, this box makes it easier than ever before to start a Flames Of War Soviet infantry army!

And, if you choose not to attach the Maksim HMG teams to your Stelkovy Company (or Companies), the box gives you enough teams to form a full six-strong Strelkovy Machine-gun Company as well.

Assembling the Plastic Strelkovy Company
Assembling the Plastic Strelkovy Company

The final option we will cover here is the Hero Strelkovy Polk from the new Berlin book.The casualties of the continuous fighting have left the Red Army’s rifle divisions much reduced in man-power. Many divisions are down to only the size of a battalion or a small regiment. However, these men are able to call on their experience during the fighting for Berlin.

Assembling the Hero Strelkovy Polk
Assembling the Plastic Strelkovy Company
We hope you find this guide useful when you assemble your own Strelkovy force. Happy modelling!
Plastic Strelkovy Company (SBX33)

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