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Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825) (Direct Only)

Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825)

Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825) (Direct Only)
Includes 17 metal figures - four Mortar teams, one Command Rifle team and one Observer Rifle team, four plastic medium bases and two small bases, one plastic base insert sprue.

The Volkssturm (People’s Militia) represent Germany's last line of defence. It was drawn from ranks of the population previously considered unfit for military service, including younger boys (aged 13-18) and older men (many of whom were veterans of World War I).

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Berlin: German
In January 1945 the German Ardennes offensive in the west failed to force the Allies to the negotiating table. The British and Americans are ready to cross into Germany. The newly-raised Panzerdivision ‘Clauswitz’ and troops from the schools and training battalions are thrown into the fight. Every fighting man is utilised in the defence of the Reich. In the east, the Germans traded ground for time, falling back into western Poland and east Prussia and establishing Festerplatz, or fortress cities. An eerie calm settled in for the first few weeks of the new year as both sides prepare.
Berlin: German

Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825)

Volkssturm units received only rudimentary military training, and their equipment was a motley collection of standard-issue German equipment and simplified weapons designed for militia use. Some units, though, were better equipped than others. The Seimensstadt (Seimens City) Volkssturm battalion had its own weapons company with heavier weapons such as mortars.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie

Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825) Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825)
Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825) Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825)
Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825)
Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825)

The Contents of the Volkssturm Mortar Platoon Blister Pack

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Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825)

Command Team
Description of Components
a. Pointing NCO.
b. Kneeling figure with Panzerfaust.
c. Figure holding Panzerfaust.

Assembling the Command Team
To assemble this team the same as Aaron's painted example, simply arrange these three figures on the small three-hole base provided. Feel free to swap one or more figures with any of the figures below (other than the MG gunners or loaders) if you prefer. 

Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825) Observer Team
Description of Components
a. Kneeling rifleman.
b. Prone Observer figure.

Assembling the Observer Team
To model the observer team, simply arrange these figures on the small two-hole base provided.

Mortar Teams
Description of Components
a. 2x Kneeling NCO.
b. 4x Mortar loader figures.
c. 3Kneeling crew figure.
d. 3
Kneeling figure covering ears.
e. 4x Mortar and ammo crate sprues.


Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825)
Assembling the Mortar Teams
The mortar platoon is made up of two mortar sections, each with two mortar teams. One team in each mortar section should have an NCO figure as part of its crew and all bases should have a mortar loader figure, leaving you to disperse the crew figures (C & D) as you see fit, aiming for 3 figures per base.
Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825) The Bases
Description of Components
a. 1x Small three-hole base.
b. 1x Small two-hole base
c. 4x
Medium four-hole bases.
Assembling the Mortar
To assemble the 8cm mortar, simply attach the mortar bipod to the mortar tube as shown in the example below.
Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825) Volkssturm Mortar Platoon (GE825)

Painting Volksstrum

The better-supplied Volkssturm units, particularly those in the first Levy, were issued as many military uniforms as possible, from whatever sources were available. These were mostly Grenadier Green but included some camouflage gear, and even Luftwaffe items (Luftwaffe Blue). All had markings such as collar patches and shoulder straps removed.

NSDAP Uniforms

Many Volkssturm recruits would have owned paramilitary uniforms from Nazi Party organisations such as the Hitlerjugend, Reichsarbeitsdienst (Reich Labour Service) and Sturmabteilung.

Painting Volkssturm Painting Volkssturm
The official instructions were for Party uniform items to be dyed Grenadier Green, but often this was not possible, so you may choose to paint some uniform items, such as greatcoats, the distinctive light brown colour iconic of the Nazi ‘brownshirt’. (Comrade Khaki, highlighted with Sickly Yellow).
Many Volkssturm men received no uniforms at all, other than their armband and had to provide their own suitable hard-wearing clothing. Civilian clothes seem like an opportunity to depart from the drab military palette of typical army uniforms. But you should try to stick to fairly dark, muted colours, which predominated in typical 1940s clothing, particularly the sort of practical outdoor garb favoured by the Volkssturm.

Some people find it difficult to highlight black. One useful tip is that even a very dark grey like Worn Rubber looks bright compared to pure black.
Try mixing it with a little black for more subtle highlights.

Painting Volkssturm


Almost any shade of medium to dark grey is appropriate. Suggestions: Worn Rubber, Panzer Grey, Bunker Grey, Luftwaffe Blue.

Painting Volkssturm

As with grey, almost any shade of brown will do. Suggestions: Battlefield Brown, Wool Brown, Battledress Brown, Motherland Earth.

Painting Volkssturm


Pure blue shades like Infantry Blue will look too bright and garish on their own. Mix them with grey or black to produce a suitably muted colour.

Painting Volkssturm

Painting the Volksstrum Armband

The only official uniform of the Volkssturm consisted of an armband. Painting the armband is easier than it looks.

Painting Volkssturm
Painting Volkssturm

Painting Volkssturm

Paint the whole armband Artillery Red

Painting Volkssturm

Paint a band of White across the middle of the armband;

Painting Volkssturm

Paint a narrower band of Black, leaving a thin line of white showing at the top and bottom.

Aaron based the Volkssturm Mortar Platoon to match the theme of street fighting in Berlin.

The Plastic Bases: Urban Rubble set (XX106) gives you plenty of easy options for basing your Berlin force.

Plastic Bases: Urban Rubble (XX106)

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