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Navy Seals (VUS782)

Navy Seals (VUS782)

Navy SEALs (VUS782)
Includes seven two-man SEAL teams and seven two-hole small bases.

To their opponents, the elite Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, and Land) were known as the “Men with Green Faces”, owing to their camouflage face paint. They come silently at night to steal away political leaders, collect intel, destroy supplies, and then disappear.

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Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie

Brown Water Navy
The waterways of the Mekong Delta are busy with sampans, merchants, villages, and farming communities. They are the life blood of South Vietnam, through which over half of the entire country’s rice flows. It is remote with few roads accessing the interior’s rice fields and jungles. The Việt Cộng have launched their liberation movement from within this formidable fortress.

However, the US Army and Navy have come together to create the Mobile Riverine Force, a joint operation of infantry and assault boats. They are reinforced with helicopter gunships, devastating Skyraider aircraft and more. This new force is ready to take the fight upriver.

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Brown Water Navy
SEALs usually patrolled on their own, but they did sometimes work with larger forces for major operations. Typical patrols were seven men and a South Vietnamese interpreter, but the full platoon could be deployed if a big mission came up.
Navy Seals (VUS782)
Navy Seals (VUS782)
Navy Seals (VUS782) 

Complete the Mission
SEAL teams are tactically very flexible and prepared for their difficult and challenging missions.

If the Platoon Command team of a SEAL Platoon is Destroyed, immediately appoint another team in the platoon as the new Platoon Command team.

Navy Seals (VUS782) Navy Seals (VUS782) Navy Seals (VUS782)

Stoner 63
SEAL teams were well armed with the unique Stoner 63, an advanced modular weapon that could be configured to meet specific mission requirements. They also had shotguns, M16s, M60s, and other conventional weapons available.

A SEAL Platoon is unusual in that the composition of the platoon can change from game to game. At the start of the game before Deployment you may replace SEAL teams as follows.

Replace up to one SEAL team in each squad with:

  • a Shotgun team
  • an M79 Grenade Launcher team
  • an MG team
Replace any or all remaining SEAL Teams with M16 Rifle teams.


You must choose the composition of your SEAL Platoon for each game before deployment begins.

Navy Seals (VUS782) Navy Seals (VUS782) Navy Seals (VUS782)

Shotgun teams
A SEAL squad usually had an Ithaca Model 37 12-gauge shotgun at point to deal with any sudden surprises.

If there are no enemy Tank teams within 2”/5cm of a Shotgun team, the Shotgun team hits on a 2+ in Assaults.

Navy Seals (VUS782) Navy Seals (VUS782) Navy Seals (VUS782)

The SEALs (Sea, Air, and Land) used many methods to get behind enemy lines, including specialised SEAL boats, Alpha boats, and lift helicopter.

At the start of the game before Deployment you may choose the method of inserting your SEAL Platoon into the battlefield from one of the following three options:

By Sea: A PBR Mk II may carry up to four teams from a SEAL Platoon as passengers.

By Air: Add a UH-1D ‘Slick’ to your SEAL Platoon at no cost. This Slick does not need to land near Landing Zone Objectives to embark or disembark its passengers.

By Land: This SEAL Platoon has been covertly inserted under the cover of darkness. This platoon is not Deployed at the same time as other platoons. Instead, it arrives along any table edge at the beginning of your first turn at the same time as Reserves.

Navy Seals (VUS782)

The Navy SEALs in Brown Water Navy

Team Range
SEAL team 8"/20cm
3 1
6 Full ROF when moving, Add one die in Defensive Fire.
Firing M72 LAW rocket launcher 12"/30cm 
Tank Assault 5.

Navy SEALs had a great deal of leeway with their uniforms so that they could better accomplish their mission. Many wore the Tigerstripe camouflage uniform typical of special forces in Vietnam.

Many SEALs wore denim jeans due to their hard wearing in the damp battlefields of the Mekong.
Head gear was always soft (never helmets) and varied greatly, such as bandanas, berets, or boonie hats. SEALs painted their faces in camouflage colours to blend into the surroundings. This earned them their nickname by the enemy: “Men with Green Faces”.

Navy Seals (VUS782)

Contents of the Navy SEALs blister pack

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Navy Seals (VUS782)

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