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Tirailleurs Platoon (Italy) (FR812)

Tirailleurs Platoon (Italy) (FR812) Tirailleurs Platoon (Italy) (FR812)
includes one Command Rifle team, three Tirailleurs Squads, one Small three-hole bases & nine Medium four-hole bases.

A French Company Command is led by an officer steeped in the traditions of the French Army. He is a patriot, his courage is unquestioned and he will lead the company to victory. He will see France free again but first the army must prove itself here in Italy.

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Road To Rome
The Allied push up the boot of Italy had come to a dramatic halt outside the small Italian town of Cassino. Looming above the battlefield stood a large Benedictine monastery, which commanded the approach up the Liri Valley toward Rome. Over eight months the Allied and German armies attacked and counterattacked each other with heavy losses and little gains. Even with the landing at Anzio, where the Germans responded with a ferocious assault in a bloody but unsuccessful counterattack, little headway was made. The Allies amassed what reserves they could for a final attempt to break the deadlock at Cassino, connect with the bridgehead at Anzio, and claim the prize of Rome.

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Road To Rome
Tirailleurs Platoon (Italy) (FR812) Tirailleurs Platoons are drawn from all of the men who have answered the call to liberate France from the Nazis. Whether émigrés, Free French, or others from the African colonies, they are trained and ready to fight.

The Americans have given them their oldest weapons – Springfield Rifles, a few BARs, some have their trusty FM 1924/29s - but it does not matter. With their courage, verve, and aggressive tactics, the Tirailleurs will take the fight to the boche.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Wayne Turner
The First Tirailleurs Squad
Tirailleurs Platoon (Italy) (FR812)
Upgrade Options
You can add a Bazooka team to the HQ Section of the Tirailleurs Platoon for +20 points.
The Second Tirailleurs Squad
Tirailleurs Platoon (Italy) (FR812)
French Expeditionary Corps (FEC) divisions were among the best trained and motivated Allied troops in Italy. They had gained much experience fighting in North Africa, many of them are also long service veterans of the French colonial forces.
The Third Tirailleurs Squad
Tirailleurs Platoon (Italy) (FR812)
The Rifle Team in Flames Of War
Rifle team 16"/40cm 1 2 6 -
Tirailleurs Platoon Ready For Action
Tirailleurs Platoon (Italy) (FR812)

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