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Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805)

Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805)

Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805)
includes one Command Rifle team, one Observer Rifle team, two Mortar Sections, one Small three-hole base, one Small two-hole base & four Medium four-hole bases.

The 81mm M1 Mortar was based on the French Brandt design developed during World War One. The US government purchased the manufacturing rights to the mortar in the late 1930s and began production. The small mortar could be broken down into its three basic components for transport: the tube, the mount and the baseplate. The 81mm mortar’s range varied depending on the type of shell used, up to a maximum of 3,290 yards.

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Road To Rome
The Allied push up the boot of Italy had come to a dramatic halt outside the small Italian town of Cassino. Looming above the battlefield stood a large Benedictine monastery, which commanded the approach up the Liri Valley toward Rome. Over eight months the Allied and German armies attacked and counterattacked each other with heavy losses and little gains. Even with the landing at Anzio, where the Germans responded with a ferocious assault in a bloody but unsuccessful counterattack, little headway was made. The Allies amassed what reserves they could for a final attempt to break the deadlock at Cassino, connect with the bridgehead at Anzio, and claim the prize of Rome.

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Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805) To fire the projectile it is dropped down the barrel, fin end first, the primer strikes the fixed firing pin which detonates the primer and ignition cartridge (inserted in the base of the round), which in turn ignites the propellent increments, forcing the round out of the barrel, carrying the primer and cartridge with it and readying the mortar for the next round.

Comparing weight and size of the weapon to the destruction they delivered to the target, mortars are very efficient. As ’the infantry’s artillery’, they provided small infantry units artillery-like fire support when artillery either was not available, or could not be moved forward fast enough.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Bob Pearce
The Observer Rifle Team
Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805) Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805)
Observer teams need a good view of the battlefield in order to do their job correctly. Be sure to deploy them in a position where they have an excellent view of the battlefield such as on a hilltop or on the top floor of a multi-level building.
The M1 81mm Mortar Teams
Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805) Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805)
Mortars are ideal support weapons for the infantry; ideal for providing quick and accurate artillery support. A mortar platoon is a cheap artillery option if you're running low on points when building a company.
Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805) Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805)
The M1 81mm Mortar in Flames Of War
M1 81mm mortar Man-packed 24"/60cm 2 2 3+ Smoke, Minimun range 8"/20cm.
Firing bombardment
Smoke bombardment.
Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805) Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805)
Sometimes your weapons won’t destroy the enemy quickly enough to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your own troops first. One way to protect your troops in the meanwhile is to fire smoke at the enemy to temporarily impair their vision.

Only weapons listed as having the Smoke attribute in their Arsenal may fire smoke. Some weapons such as the M1 81mm mortar can also fire Smoke Bombardments (see page 136 of the rulebook).
Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805) Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805)
The Goum Mortar Platoon Prepare To Fire
Goum Mortar Platoon (FR805)

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