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Fokker CX (AC012)

Fokker CX (AC012) Fokker CX (AC012)
includes one Fokker CX (1:144 scale), one Flight stand, one Aircraft die, two Rare-earth magnets & one Decal sheet.

The Fokker CX was originally designed for the Royal Dutch East Indies Army in 1933 as a replacement for the Fokker CV. Intended for reconnaissance; the Fokker CV could also double as a little bomber. Like all Fokker designs of the period, it was of mixed construction; a combination of wooden wings and a welded steel frame covered with aluminium plate and fabric.

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Rising Sun
Rising Sun brings you into the Soviet Union’s wars with the Japanese and Finns on its borders in 1939. Take command of the Red Army’s tank forces, infantry or cavalry forces as you throw the Japanese back into Manchuria or fight the stubborn Finns to expand the Soviet border.

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Rising Sun
Fokker CX (AC012) Manned by a two-man crew; a pilot and an observer, the Fokker CX was armed with a pair of 7.9mm machine-guns fixed to the front fuselage with a third intended for defensive purposes mounted in the rear cockpit and operated by observer. In addition, the Fokker CX could carry a payload of two 175kg bombs or four 100kg bombs.

During the Second World War, the Fokker CX briefly saw action with the Dutch Air Force. However, it was the in the Finnish Air Force where it served with the most distinction. Despite facing the might of the Soviets, the determination, skill and courage of Finnish pilots allowed them to hold their own regardless of their limited resources.

Aircraft designed by Evan Allen
Flight stand designed by Casey Davies
Painted by James Brown
The Fokker CX in Flames Of War
Aircraft Weapon
To Hit
Fokker CX
Fokker CX (AC012) Fokker CX (AC012)
Fokker CX (AC012) Fokker CX (AC012)
Assembling the Flight Stand

Assembling the Flight Stand
All of Battlefront's aircraft models are provided with a transparent plastic flight stand, to help make them look as though they are flying above the tabletop battlefield.

The stand is designed to hold all sizes of aircraft securely on its own. And adding the supplied rare-earth magnets creates an especially sturdy connection, which has the added benefit of 'snapping' neatly into place.

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Fokker CX (AC012)
Fokker CX (AC012)
Fokker CX (AC012)
Fokker CX (AC012)
Fokker CX (AC012)
Fokker CX (AC012)
The Flying Stand & Aircraft Dice
Fokker CX (AC012) Fokker CX (AC012) Fokker CX (AC012)
The Fokker CX Takes To The Skies
Fokker CX (AC012)

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