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Plastic Flight Stand

Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102) Plastic Flight Stand
The Flight Stand securely supports your aircraft models.

All of Battlefront's aircraft models are provided with a transparent plastic flight stand, to help make them look as though they are flying above the tabletop battlefield.

The stand is designed to hold all sizes of aircraft securely on its own. And adding the supplied rare-earth magnets creates an especially sturdy connection, which has the added benefit of 'snapping' neatly into place.

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Components of the Flight Stand
Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102)
Tip: Place your aircraft die in the die cavity after rolling for Air Support so you and your opponent can track the exact number of aircraft on any given flight.
Assembling and Using the Flight Stand

Step 1. Cut the parts of the flight stand off the plastic sprue and remove any excess plastic left over from the mould feeds.

Tip: The best way to cut the parts off the sprue is with a sharp hobby knife or a pair of hobby cutters.

Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102) Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102) Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102)
Step 2. Attach to stem to the base.

Tip: When assembling the flight stand it is best to use plastic glue, which is specially formulated for plastics. Alternatively, you could also use Super Glue.
Step 3. Glue the magnet cap to the top of the stem.

Note: The cap fits snugly to the top of the stalk, so only use a small amount of glue.

Step 4. The round cap fits into the mounting hole on the underside of aircraft models. Using Super Glue, you can glue a rare earth magnet, to create a secure connection between the stand and a corresponding magent in the aircraft.

Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102) Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102) Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102)
The mounting hole underneath the aircraft fits over the magnet cap, while the tabs at the front and back ensure the aircraft points in the right direction. Step 5. Glue a second magnet in the recess, ensuring that the polarities of each magnet are correct aligned, so they attact rather than repelling each other. Step 6. Mated perfectly; the flight stand, with magnets, creates a secure, stable mount for the aircraft model that can be easily removed for transport or storage.
Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102) Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102)
Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102)

An note about scale
Battlefront's fixed-wing aircraft are 1:144 scale. Most planes are quite huge compared to tanks and other ground vehicles, so at 1:100 scale they would not only take up a lot of space on the table, they would also be large, heavy and expensive. 1:144 scale is a compromise, giving slightly smaller plane models which easier to store and transport, but which still look more or less correct alongside infantry and vehicles.

On the other hand, Flames Of War and Team Yankee helicopter models, which can hover low to the ground or land during games, are the same 1:100 scale as our ground vehicles. Whatever the scale of the models, the Flight Stand is robust enough to hold them securely.

The Tall Flight Stand Stem
Extra Tall Flight Stand

In our modern game settings like Fate Of A Nation and Team Yankee, helicopters sometimes share the battlefield with fast-moving fixed-wing aircraft. Because of the scale difference, and because the aircraft types operate differently in the rules, we provide two different lengths of flight stand stem; the standard practice is to use the shorter stem for helicopters and the tall stem for the fast-moving strike aircraft, to bolster the impression that they are flying at a higher altitude. But there is no reason you can't use the tall stem for helicopters, or the standard height for strike aircraft.

Extra Tall Flight Stand

The Tall Flight Stand Stem is provided with fixed-wing aircraft from the Flames Of War Vietnam and Flames Of War Fate Of a Nation ranges, including the A-1 SkyraiderA-4E SkyhawkDassault OuraganShahak and MiG-17, as well as for Team Yankee strike aircraft such as the A-10 Warthog and SU-25 FrogfootIt can also be purchased as a special order item, if you would like the option of using it with your other aircraft, for display purposes.

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Old Aircraft Models
Older Flames Of War aircraft models designed before 2010 used a smaller flight stand, with a simple round peg which fit into a small hole in the underside of the fuselage. To use the flight stand with these old types of aircraft, instead of attaching the magnet cap simply replace it with aircraft pin.

Right: The aircraft pin attach to the stem.
Far right: Using the flight stand with an AOP.
Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102)
Plastic Flight Stand (VSO102)

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