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Medium Bases: 4 Holes (XX111)

Medium Bases: 4 Holes (XX111)

Medium Bases: 4 Holes (XX111)
includes twenty eight Medium four-hole bases.

There are there standard base sizes in Flames Of War; small measuring 1¼”/32mm wide by 1”/25mm deep, medium measuring 2”/50mm wide by 1¼”/32mm deep and large 2”/50mm wide by 2½”/65mm deep.

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Unlike the original plain grey plastic bases provided with Flames Of War miniatures, these new bases now include recess holes in which to place your figures. The Medium Bases: 4 Holesblister pack contains medium four-hour ideal for four-man infantry teams, medium mortar teams, HMG teams, infantry gun teams and small anti-tank guns just to name a few.
The Medium Bases: 4 Holes Blister Pack contains:
28x Medium four-hole bases.

Right: An example of a four-man American Parachute Rifle team based on the medium four-hole base

Below: Examples of the medium four-hole bases.
Medium Bases: 4 Holes (XX111)
Note: The bases included in the blister pack are selected at random from the range of bases shown below.
Medium Bases: 4 Holes (XX111)

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