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S20TL Truck (FR420)

S20TL Truck (FR420) S20TL Truck (FR420)
includes two one-piece resin S20TL trucks with Driver & Seated passengers.

When the French Army decided to establish the Division légère mécanique or Light Mechanised Division (DLM) during 1932, one vital element needed for its success was the ability to transport infantry on a grand scale. Therefore, a tender requesting submissions for a design capable of carrying ten men and their equipment was issued.

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S20TL Truck (FR420)

In the autumn of 1934, the submissions were whittled down to the Lorraine 28 and the Laffly S-35C. The Lorraine Company won the contract. However, the Laffly Company wasn't discouraged by this failure and a year later produced the Laffly S20TL, a hybrid of their light S15 and heavy S35C designs.

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This new design out-performed the Lorraine 28, especially in cross-country performance, and boasted a superior power-to-weight ratio. With this in mind, Laffly was rewarded for their efforts with an order for 140 vehicles in 1937.

The S20TL was ahead of its time in terms of design; it was able to fulfil a number of transport roles without any modification to the vehicle. One S20TL was able to carry a variety of loads: ten men and their equipment, a heavy machine-gun group of ten men, an 81mm or 60mm mortar group of seven men or a 25mm anti-tank gun carry the eight men crew.
S20TL Truck (FR420)
S20TL Truck (FR420)

The S20TL also proved a successful platform for the 25mm SA-34 anti-tank gun when mounted as a portee; forty of these vehicles being produced and delivered in 1940.

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Vehicle designed by Evan Allen
Figures designed by Anton Ducrot
Painted by Mark Hazell
The S20TL Truck in Flames Of War
Equipment and Notes
S20TL truck
Two optional passenger-fired AA MG.
S20TL Truck (FR420) S20TL Truck (FR420)
S20TL Truck (FR420) S20TL Truck (FR420)
S20TL Truck (FR420) S20TL Truck (FR420)
The S20TL Trucks Move Out
S20TL Truck (FR420)
The Contents of the S20TL Truck Blister
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
S20TL Truck (FR420)
Description of Components
a. 2x Resin hulls.
b. 2x Windscreens

c. 2x Driver figures.
d. 2x Seated passengers sprues.
Assembling the S20TL Truck
Step 1. Attach the windscreen to the resin hull.
Step 2. Add the driver figure to the left hand side and the seated passengers to taste. With everything in place, the S20TL truck are how ready to be painted.
S20TL Truck (FR420) S20TL Truck (FR420)

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