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75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)

75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)

75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
includes two 75 PskK/40 guns with crew, one Korpraali Toivo Ilomäki figure, one Command SMG team, one Small base & two Large bases.

Toivo Ilomäki was born in 1917 and worked as a storeman before the Winter War. He participated in the Winter War and the early Continuation war as a member of an anti-tank gun crew initially as an ammunition carrier.

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Left: Korpraali Toivo Ilomäki.

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The Command SMG Team
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) 75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
However, in the middle of a battle in 1941 when the gunner did not seem to be able to hit anything, he went to the platoon commander and said he would be a better shot. With the permission of the platoon commander he then demonstrated this by shooting into a tree that fell on Soviet infantry.
The 75 PsK/40 Guns
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) 75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
In 1944 he was the gunner of a PaK40 and destroyed a total of 21 tanks. At the Battle of Sammatus alone he destroyed 16 Soviet tanks over three days, many of them at close range in the middle of a Soviet artillery barrage. These included T-34 tanks and IS-2 heavy tanks. He was the only man in the Finnish army to get all four additional stripes to the tank killer badge and received the Mannerheim Cross for his valour.

After the war Ilomäki returned to his job as a storeman and died in 1965, aged just 48. His gun (with 21 kill marks) is preserved in the armour museum in Parola.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mark Hazell
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) 75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
Korpraali Toivo Ilomäki in Flames Of War

Toivo Ilomäki is a Warrior who may be added to upgrade one anti-tank gun team of an Heavy Anti-Tank Platoon for +10 points. He is a Fearless Veteran team armed with the same anti-tank gun as the rest of the platoon.

75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) 75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
Special Rules
Nerves of Steel

Ilomäki was a calm, phlegmatic character whose response to difficult situations was to simply keep doing his job.

Toivo Ilomäki’s Gun team is never Pinned Down, regardless of the platoon’s status.

One Shot, One Kill
Ilomäki is a crack shot, who not only hits his targets, but knew the vulnerable spots to aim for on Soviet tanks.

Toivo Ilomäki’s Gun team may re-roll any failed To Hit rolls.
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) 75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
Warrior Gun Team
Ilomäki is a Warrior Gun team.

If the enemy Destroys Ilomäki’s Gun team by Shooting or assault (but not as a result of a failed Platoon Morale Check), they roll a die.

On a roll of 4+ Ilomäki is killed or seriously wounded and the team is Destroyed.

Otherwise, the Finnish player replaces any other friendly Gun team equipped with the same weapon that is within Command Distance of Ilomäki with Ilomäki’s Gun team. The Gun team Ilomäki takes over is Destroyed.
The 75 PsK/40 Gun Crews
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) 75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
The 75 PsK/40 Gun in Flames Of War
75 PsK/40 gun Medium 32"/80cm 2 12 3+ Gun shield.
Korpraali Toivo Ilomäki with his 75 PsK/40 Gun Prepare For Action
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
The Contents of 75 PstK/40 Gun Blister
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) Description of Components
a. 1x Prone rifleman figure.
b. 1x Kneeling rifleman figure.
c. 1x Officer figure with pistol.
Description of Components
a. 1x Korpraali Toivo Ilomäki figure.
b. 2x Gun trail stradling figures.
c. 1x Kneeling gunner figure.
d. 2x Kneeling loader figures.
e. 2x Standing figures.
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
Description of Components
a. 2x Gun trails.
b. 2x Ammo sprues.
2x Gun shields
d. 2x Gun barrels.
e. 4x Gun trail wheels.
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) Description of Components
a. 1x Small bases.
b. 2x Large bases.
Assembling the 75 PstK/40 Gun
Step 1. Begin by attaching the wheels to the gun trail. Step 2. Next, mount the gun barrel to the top of the gun trail.
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) 75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
Step 3. Finally, slide the gun shield into place and secure with hobby glue. Step 4. With the gun shield in place, the 75 PstK/40 gun is ready for painting.
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) 75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
Modelling the Command Team
On the small base provided, arrange the command team figures to taste.

Mark's example of a Command team.
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520) Modelling Korpraali Toivo Ilomäki's Gun Team
Once the 75 PstK/40 guns are assembled place each gun on the large bases provided. Next, surround the gun with the three crew figures. Each gun has four crew, the last crew member is Korpraali Toivo Ilomäki.

Left: Korpraali Toivo Ilomäki gun team.
Modelling The Other Gun Team
On the other large base, surround the guns with the remian gun crew figures.
75 PstK/40 guns (FI520)

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