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Sergent Aurel Sandu (RSO104)

  Sergent Aurel Sandu (RSO104)
includes one Sergent Aurel Sandu figure & one Small base.

20 year old Aurel Sandu joined the 24th Infantry Regiment Tecuci (21st Infantry Division) on 10 February 1943. He was allocated a Pioneer Company where he began training.

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Sergent Aurel Sandu in Flames Of War
Sergent Aurel Sandu is a Pioneer Rifle/MG team. He replaces a Pioneer Rifle/MG team in a Puscasi Pioneer Platoon or a Pioneer Platoon for +45 points.

He served through 1944 and 1945 and can be taken with either a German allied or Soviet allied Romanian force.

In 1943 Sandu was involved in the upgrade of an old minefield near Odessa. The old mines were tricky to disarm and remove. During the operation, Sandu‘s commander assigned him to another job and replaced him with Sergent Georgescu. While removing the mines one of the old mines went off, causing a chain reaction throughout the minefield, creating a massive blast and killing 17 soldiers. Georgescu’s body was never found and Sandu had a lucky escape!

Sandu fought in many battles and he was never far away from death. He had many near misses where artillery, rockets and aircraft bombs rained down on his unit, but each time, despite casualties, Sandu escaped unscathed.


Special Rules
Lending A Hand
During one battle Sandu found himself helping out a 60mm mortar team.

One Gun team within 4”/10cm of Sandu may re-roll failed To Hit rolls if Sandu does not shoot in the Shooting step.

Lucky Aurel
Sandu survived many close calls in combat, dodging bullets and bombs when his comrades were not so lucky.

Once per game Sandu may re-roll a failed Infantry Save.

After the Romanians and Soviets had come to terms in August, Sandu found himself and his company shipped off to a new front to fight alongside the Soviets against the Germans and Hungarians. In October 1944 Sandu was in Hungary pushing Germans back to the Tisza River. Following the successful advance across Hungary, Sandu’s regiment ended the war in Czechoslovakia.

Old Hand
Sandu picked up a few skills during his time as a pioneer.

Sandu passes all Skill tests on a 3+.

Unstable Mines
One of Sandu’s first jobs in the army was relaying out-ofdate minefields, they had plenty of mines, but the ones they were replacing were old and rickety. The old antiquated minefields were unstable, so relaying them with new mines was a risky job.

If Sandu’s platoon’s Pioneer Supply vehicle is used to place a Minefield in a Mission with the Prepared Positions special rule, you may choose to place two Unstable Minefields instead.

When you place the Pioneer Supply vehicle, instead of placing one Minefield, place two Unstable Minefields. Roll a dice for each Unstable Minefield you placed. On a 2+ they are placed as normal.

On a roll of 1 the Unstable Minefield explodes while it is being placed. The Unstable Minefield is removed from the table and all the teams in Sandu’s Pioneer Platoon must make an immediate Infantry save. Teams that fail the Infantry save are removed from the table, but do not count as casualties for the purposes of Platoon Morale

Unstable Minefields count as Minefields for all other purposes.

During his time in the army Sandu was awarded the Manhood and Loyalty Medal. This medal was awarded to Noncommissioned Officers and enlisted men for service to the Crown of Romania as well as for lesser acts of Bravery.

Designed by Gary Morley
The Contents of the Sergent Aurel Sandu Pack
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  Description of Components
a. 1x Sergent Aurel Sandu figure.
b. 1x Small base.
Modelling Sergent Aurel Sandu
To model
Sergent Aurel Sandu, simple arrange the Sergent Aurel Sandu figure on the small base provide.

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