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Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)

Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)

Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
includes four 120mm 43M mortars with crew, one Command Rifle team, one Observer Rifle team, two Small bases & four Large bases.

The 120mm M43 mortar was a Soviet designed mortar based on the earlier 120mm obr 1938 mortar. The 120mm obr 1938 was in fact the first 120mm mortar developed by any country for their armed forces. After the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, the 120mm obr 1938 proved to be far too demanding to manufacture on a Soviet war industry that was already struggling to keep up with demand.

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Left: The Command Rifle team.

Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf
represents the Axis forces (Germans, Hungarians and Finns) serving on the Eastern Front between January 1944 and February 1945. 

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Grey Wolf
The M43 retained the stamped circular base plate and two-wheel carriage of the 120mm obr 1938 but featured large shock-absorbing cylinders. During the fighting on the Don in 1942 the Hungarian were able to capture a number of 120mm Soviet mortars. The Hungarians were impressed with this weapon and similar mortars used by the Germans. They soon began to make their own, giving their infantry added heavy support in the front line.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Wayne Turner
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
Hungarian Painting Guides
With the release of the Hungarian miniatures we thought it would be helpful to guide you on the colours to use.

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The Observer Rifle Team
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711) Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
"Observer teams need a good view of the battlefield in order to do their job correctly. Be sure to deploy them in a position where they have an excellent view of the battlefield such as on a hilltop or on the top floor of a multi-level building."
The 120mm 43M Mortar in Flames Of War
120mm 43M mortar Light 56"/140cm - 3 3+ -
The 120mm 43M Mortar Teams (two mortars per section)
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711) Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
"Mortars are ideal support weapons for the infantry. They can be called on to give instance support against assaulting enemy."
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711) Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
"On attack they can bring fire down on the enemy positions to keep their heads down, while your infantry approach to assault."
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711) Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
"Heavy mortars can be a cheap artillery option for your Hungarian force."
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711) Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
The Heavy Mortar Platoon Prepare For Action
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
The Contents of the Heavy Mortar Platoon Blister
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711) The Command Team
a. 1x Officer figure.
b. 1x NCO figure.
c. 1x Rifleman figure.
The Observer Team
a. 1x Spotter figure.
b. 1x Rifleman figure
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711) The Mortar Crew
a. 4x Loader figures.
b. 4x Loader figures.
c. 4x Kneeling figures.
d. 3x Kneeling with hand up figures.
The Mortars
a. 4x Mortar tubes.
b. 4x Mortar stands.
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711) The Bases
a. 2x Small bases.
b. 4x Large bases.
The Command Team
To model the Command team, add the Officer, the NCO figure and the Rifleman figure to a small base.

Right: An example of a Command team.
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711) Modelling The Observer Team
Add the spotter figure and the rifleman figure to a small base to model the Observer team.

Left: An example of an Observer team.
Modelling The Heavy Mortar Team
Attach the heavy mortars to a Large base. Next, arrange one of each of the crew figures to taste around the mortar.

An example of a Heavy Mortar team with crew.
Heavy Mortar Platoon (HU711)

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