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Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)

Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)

Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
with one Stu 40 G Sturmi Assault Gun with optional Saukopf gun mantlet.

The StuG G assault gun was by far the most widely produced and used in the StuG series. Between 1942-45 over 7,700 were produced. The StuG G used the hull of the Panzer III M with a low-profile superstructure. This made the assault gun incredibly difficult to spot as it lay in ambush amongst dense terrain.

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"With the new German-supplied Sturmi (StuG III G) assault guns, the Panssari division now packs quite a punch. The Sturmi crews have been training hard for two years, are led by selected officers picked from Jääkäri units, and are now ready for battle against the toughest foes."
Production of the StuG III G was so prolific that Germany allowed Finland to purchase a number of these vehicles to aid in their continuing war effort against the Soviets. In 1943, the Finns took delivery of thirty StuGs with a further twenty nine vehicles were purchased in 1944. 

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Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
"The Sturmi assault guns have been placed in a separate battalion. Their 75mm guns, combined with the skill of their Finnish crews, have enabled them to achieve impressive kill ratios, even against Soviet heavy armour."
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123) The Finns were quick to modify the StuGs before they entered service; first, the paint scheme. The vehicles were delivered in still painted in the standard German base colour of the period; Dunkelgelb (Dark Yellow) However, the Finns quickly repainted them in their standard three-colour (Moss Green, Sand Brown and Light Grey) hard-edged camouflage scheme.
"You can field a Finnish Sturmikomppania (Assault Gun Company) armed with the Stu 40 G Sturmi using Grey Wolf (page 240)."

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Other notable modifications included the replacement of the German MG34 machine-gun with the Soviet DT tank machine-gun and the addition of a large wooden stowage bin on the rear of the vehicle.

Later modification included the addition of spare track links to the lower-front hull, concrete reinforcements added to upper hull on either side of the main gun, the addition of logs to provide extra protection to the fighting compartment and the addition of bolt-on armour plate to the sides of the hull between the running gear of the tracks.
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
"The Stu 40 G Sturmi has Protected ammo; this means that the crew are more willing to remount the vehicle if they are forced to Bailed Out."

Tanks with protected ammo re-rolls all failed motivation tests to remount Bailed Out vehicles in the Starting Step.
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)   The Stu 40 G Sturmi as it was known to the Finns only saw limited action against the Soviets both during and after the summer offensives of 1944. Despite their small numbers, the vehicles and crews performed extremely well in the face of the Soviet juggernaut that was the Red Army.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Blake Coster
Stu 40 G Sturmi in Flames Of War
Equipment and Notes
Stu 40 G Sturmi Standard Tank 7 3 1 Hull MG, Protected ammo, Improvised Armour
7.5cm StuK40 gun
Hull mounted.
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123) Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
Improvised Armour
It was not uncommon for tank crews to add improvised armour made of sandbags, tank tracks or whatever else they could find to help protect the outside of their vehicles from short-ranged infantry anti-tank weapons.

The Stu 40 G Sturmi has Improvised Armour, therefore if it fails an Armour Save against weapons with a Firepower rating of 5+ or 6, roll a another die.

• On a roll of 5+ the Improvised Armour stopped the shot. Ignore the failed save.

• Otherwise, the results of the failed armour Save stand.
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123) Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
The Contents of the Stu 40 G Sturmi Blister
Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
Description of Parts
a. 2x Bolt-on armour.
b. 1x Parts sprue.
c. 1x DT machine-gun.
d. 1x 7.5cm gun with Box mantlet.
e. 1x 7.5cm gun with Saukopf mantlet.
f. 1x Right track.
g. 1x Left track.
h. 1x Resin hull.
The Assembling the Stu 40 G Sturmi
Step 1. Attach the right track. Step 2. Attach the left track.
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123) Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
Tip: Each track has markings indicating whether it is the left or right track. There is also an arrow to tell you which end of the track should face towards the front of the hull when attaching it to the model. Step 3. Attach to bolt-on armour to each track.
Track tip Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
Step 4. Attach the 7.5cm gun. Tip: This can be either the box mantlet gun or the Saukopf mantlet gun. The batches of StuGs delivered to the Finns in 1943 had the box mantlet while the batches deliverd in 1944 had the Saukopf mantlet.
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123) Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
Step 5. Attach the round Commander's hatch. Step 6. Attach the square Loader's hatch.
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123) Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
Step 7. Attach the gun sheild for the DT machine-gun. Step 8. Attach the DT machine-gun to the gun shield.
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123) Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123)
Stu 40 G Sturmi (FI123) Step 9. The fully assembled Stu 40 G Sturmi ready to be painted.

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