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Finnish Panzerschreck Team (FSO104)

Finnish Panzerschreck Team (FSO104) Finnish Panzerschreck Team (FSO104)
includes two Finnish Panzerschreck figures, Finnish Riflemen figures & one Medium base.

The Panzerschreck was a classic example of the Germans taking a good idea and improving upon it. During 1943, German forces captured some of the first examples of the American Bazooka during the campaign in Tunisia. These captured examples were promptly shipped back to Germany for further evaluation and testing.

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The design was improved upon by increasing the calibre of the rocket to 8.8cm compared to the 6cm rocket of the Bazooka. The increase in rocket size gave the Panzerschreck as it was commonly known much more punch than its Allied counterpart.

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Finnish Panzerschreck Team (FSO104)
Finnish Panzerschreck Team (FSO104) Fitted with a protective shield to prevent the back blast from the rocket injuring the operator, the Panzerschreck could penetrate up to 230mm of armour. Like the Panzerfaust, the Panzerschreck was supplied to Germany’s allies including the Finns who utilised it to great effect against the Soviet Union during the Continuation War.

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Designed by the Battlefront Studio
Finnish Panzerschreck Team (FSO104)
The Panzerschreck in Flames Of War
Team Range
Panzerschreck team
Tank Assault 5.
Contents of the Finnish Panzerschreck Team Pack
Finnish Panzerschreck Figures
a. 2x Kneeling Panzerschreck figures; b. 1x Kneeling Rifleman figure; c. 1x Prone Rifleman figure.
1x Medium base.
Finnish Panzerschreck Team (FSO104) Finnish Panzerschreck Team (FSO104)
Modelling Finnish Panzerschreck Teams
Modelling a Finnish Panzerschreck team is very easy; simply arrange the Panzerschreck and Rifleman figures to taste on the medium base.

Right: An example of a Finnish Panzerschreck team.

Finnish Panzerschreck Team (FSO104)

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