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Panzer III E (GE030)

Panzer III E (GE030) Panzer III E (GE030)

The design of the Panzer III came about due to the necessity of mounting a 50mm gun in order to counter the British 2pdr gun and the Soviet 45mm gun. Initially, due to the need to standardise weapons and ammunition with the infantry a 37mm gun was agreed upon.
The first models of the Panzer III begun to appear in 1936 and the design was continually refined. By 1939 the Panzer III E had overcome the difficulties of the suspension system experienced by the previous models. Powered by a 300hp 12-cylinder Maybach engine with an improved gearbox, the vehicle could achieve a top speed of 25mph.
Panzer III E (GE030)
Panzer III E (GE030) See action in limited numbers during the campaign in Poland and France, the Panzer III continued to see action in other theatres throughout the course of the war. Ironically, the Panzer III greatest legacy was the use of its chassis to create the highly successful Sturmgeschütz (StuG) or assault gun.
In Flames Of War

Mobility: Fully-tracked; Front 3; Side 3; Top 1
Range: 24"/60cm; ROF 3; AT 6; Firepower 4+

Equipment and Notes
Twin co-ax MG, Hull MG, Protected ammo.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown and Jeremy Painter

Panzer III E (GE030)
Panzer III E (GE030) Panzer III E (GE030)
Panzer III E (GE030) Panzer III E (GE030)
Panzer III E (GE030)
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