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Romanian Army Artillery (RBX02)

Romanian Army Artillery (RBX02)
Contains one Puscasi Anti-Tank Company, one
Heavy Anti-Tank Company and one Artillery Battery

After joining the Allies in 1944, the Romanian military found itself short on tanks but with an over-abundance of artillery. Supporting the Puscasi Batalions with Skoda 100mm salvoes and engaging the Hungarian and German armour with Resita 75mm and Schneider 47mm guns, the Romanian Army Artillery made even the least trained soldiers a force to be reckoned with.

Stalin's Europe

Puscasi Anti-Tank Company

The light anti-tank guns provide the infantry with a level of protection from German and Hungarian light and medium tanks. Positioned well, their fire can halt Axis tank assaults.

The Romanians used a variety of anti-tank guns throughout the war. The divisions fighting in late 1944 were issued whatever was available, this platoon is armed with TAC 47mm French Schneider  anti-tank guns..




Heavy Anti-Tank Company

In 1944 each division’s artillery had a battery of anti-tank guns equipped with TAC 43 Reşiţa 75mm anti-tank guns. This modern weapon combined aspects of the German PaK40 and the Soviet ZIS-3 anti-tank guns to create an
effective weapon capable of destroying most enemy tanks.

The Reşiţa 75mm gun came out of experiments with the M1936 Vickers/Reşiţa 75mm anti-aircraft gun. In the end the carriage and weight of the anti-aircraft gun proved too big an obstacle to continue with this as an anti-tank weapon. The Reşiţa factory went about designing a dedicated heavy anti-tank gun. It was also decided to make it a multi-purpose weapon doubling as a field gun like the Soviet 76.2mm ZIS-3 gun. The final weapon combined the design of the ZIS-3 carriage, muzzle break, recoil and firing mechanism, with the barrel, rifling and cartridge chamber of the Vickers/Reşiţa and the projectile chamber of the PaK40..

RBX02 Heavy Anti-Tank Company

Artillery Battalion with One Battery

After the losses during the Stalingrad campaign the infantry divisions’ artillery was reduced to two two-battalion regiments in 1944. The Romanians re-equipped the Artillery Regiments with 100mm howitzers, but large numbers of 75mm guns remained in service in 1944. Initially plans also included 150mm guns for the divisions, but these larger weapons remained in independent units at corps level and were never issued to the divisions.

RBX02 Artillery Battery

Included in RBX02:

Heavy Anti-Tank Battery
•    1x Command team
•    2x TAC 43 Resita 75mm guns

Puscasi Anti-Tank Company
•    1x Command team
•    3x TAC 47mm Schneider guns
Artillery Battalion
•    1x Command team
•    1x Staff team
•    1x Observer team
•    4x Skoda 100mm howitzers

An RBX02 box will give you the core of of the support you will need for a formidable Romanian infantry battalion for either Mid or Late-war.

RBX02 Romanian Army Artillery

RBX02 Puscasi Anti-Tank Company
RBX02 Heavy Anti-Tank Company

RBX02 Artillery Battery

Design by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter

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