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Botond Truck (HU420)

Botond Truck (HU420)

Botond Truck (HU420)
Rába 38M Botond A 1.5-ton & 38/42M B 1.5-ton truck

One of the highest priorities of the Hungarian Army after the First World War was the mechanisation of it forces. Despite the best intentions financial considerations proved the biggest hurdle in achieving this aim.

From 1928 to 1944 the Hungarian army used no less than 160 different models and makes of cars and trucks, but despite this Magyar Vagon és Gépgyár (Rába) emerged as the biggest supplier of trucks to the Honvéd.

Botond Truck (HU420)
Botond Truck (HU420)

Rába supplied a number of different trucks to the Honvéd, mostly based on commercial designs.

In 1936 Dezsö Winkler started design work on a specialised cross-country truck that could fulfil the roles of a weapons prime mover and a mechanised infantry transport.

This new truck was named the Botond and featured two rear driving axles on independent coil spring and balancing beam suspension allowing it to cross the most difficult terrain.

Technical Details

38M Botond (38/42M Botond)

Horsepower: 65hp (70hp)
Range: 380km
Crew: 1 driver
Passengers: 14 in rear, 1 in front next to driver
Top Speed: 60km/h
Transport weight: 1.5-ton
Towing weight: 1 to 2-ton
Number produced: approximately 700 (approximately 700)

Botond Truck (HU420)
Botond Truck (HU420)

They were used to transport motorised infantry and tow heavy weapons including the 37mm 36M, 40mm 40M, 50mm 38M and the 75mm 40M guns. It was also used on occasion from 1943 to tow 105mm howitzers.

In Flames Of War

The Botond truck can be used to motorised the Anti-tank Platoon and Puskás Platoons of the Gépkocsizó Lövész Század. You can also use them alternatively to field units requiring a 3-ton truck.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Wayne Turner

Botond Truck (HU420) Botond Truck (HU420)
Botond Truck (HU420) Botond Truck (HU420)
Botond Truck (HU420)

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