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76 K/02 (FI570)

76 K/02 (FI570)

76 K/02 (FI570)
76mm cannon model 1902

The 76mm K/02 gun was a Russian designed gun heavily influenced by the French 75mm model 1897. This gun was designed and made at the Imperial Russian Putilov factory.  The 76mm K/02 was the primary field artillery piece in the Russian army during WWI.

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Though originally designed to fire direct-fire, it proved capable of indirect-fire as well.

Because of its design it wasn’t able to elevate sufficiently to increase its in-direct fire range and normally its maximum elevation of 17 degrees limited its maximum range to about 7.9 kilometres. To over come this the Finnish crews would dig in the trail to increase elevation and therefore range out to a maximum of 10.6 kilometres.
76 K/02 (FI570)
76 K/02 (FI570) The Finns developed a number of different rounds for the K/02.

179 guns acquired (captured and purchased) by the Finns in 1918. Eleven more were bought in 1931. A further five were captured during the Winter War in 1939 and 54 were purchased from the Germans late 1940.
It was the most numerous field gun in use with Finnish field artillery during WW II.

Modernized versions of the 76mm K/02 gun were used by the Finnish army into the mid 1990s (mostly in training and on the firing ranges).
76 K/02 (FI570)
76 K/02 (FI570)

Technical Data:

Calibre: 76.2 mm x 385mm Rimed
Barrel length: L/30
Weight: 1100 kg
Muzzle velocity: 460-605 m/sec
Traverse: 3 degrees
Elevation: -6 degrees, +17 degrees
Range: 7.9-10.6 km
Ammunition Weight: 6.4 kg (HE).
Ammunition types: HE, AP, AP-T, APHE-T, HEAT (1944), HEAT-T (1944), shrapnel, incendiary

Romania also used the K/02 gun as the 75mm field gun model 1902/36, modified to take the French 75mm round. 76 K/02 (FI570)
76 K/02 (FI570) In Flames Of War

The 76 K/02 was Finland’s main field artillery gun during the Continuation War (WWII) and you will find it in the 76mm Artillery Battery.

It is has a direct fires with a Range 16”/40cm, ROF 2/1, AT 8, FP 3+ and has a gun shield and can fire smoke.

It fires bombardments at Range 64”/160cm, AT 2, FP 4+ and can also fire smoke bombardments.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Dion Holswich

76 K/02 (FI570)
76 K/02 (FI570) 76 K/02 (FI570)
 76 K/02 (FI570) 76 K/02 (FI570)
76 K/02 (FI570) 76 K/02 (FI570)
76 K/02 (FI570) 76 K/02 (FI570)
76 K/02 (FI570) 76 K/02 (FI570)

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