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Return To The Eastern Front

Return To The Eastern Front! *Updated 12 Dec.

Over the next few weeks, this page will be updated with a list of articles from the archives showcasing various forces, tactics, modelling, and gaming ideas for the Eastern Front. Return to the East Front, comrades!

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Week 3: Modelling
This week we have a look at some modelling articles from the days of the yore!

Soviet Tank Slogans
Looking for decals for Soviet tank slogans, but you want different ones from the ones on the sheet? You’ve seen them in photos, but don’t fancy trying your hand at painting them on? Well here’s a simple, but effective, idea from Evan you could try.

Read on Comrades...

Painting Winter Camouflage
James Brown shows us how to paint winter camouflage (and pokes fun at Americans distate for Marmite!)

Read the various ways James suggests doing winter camo...

Modelling an Armia Krajowa Army
Mike walks us through the process for researching, modeling, and building an Armia Krajowa Army.

Read Mike's article...

Modelling Partisans
Wayne takes a close look at how to convert existing models to be suitable for Partisan duties.

Read about Wayne's Partisans...

Week 2: Tactics
This week we take a look at Soviet tactics articles over the years.

Shturmovye Groups and City Fighting
Wayne gives us a brief history on lessons learned by the Soviet Red Army from their bitter fighting in Stalingrad, and how they applied new techniques to the fighting in Budapest.  Wayne then translates these tactics to the tabletop.

Read Wayne's tactics article...

Soviet Tankovy Batalon Tactics
Mike Allen has an in depth look at utilising Soviet Tankovy.  The points may be a bit out of date, but the tactics are most certainly still relevant! Need to bulk out your own Tankovy?  Check out the plastic T-34s!

Read about Mike's Tankovy Tactics...

Soviet Tankovy Batalon Tactics
Mike Allen is back, this time to talk about Strelkovy tactics.  Again, the points may be a bit different, but the core concepts are very much retained!

Onward Comrades!...

More Strelkovy Tactics from Casey
Casey offers some alternative Strelkovy tactics for both mid and late war. 

Read Casey's Alternative Strelkovy Tactics...

Week 1: Battlegroups
This week we take a look at various Battlegroups done over the years.
28 Days Later: Chris' T-34 Battalion
Chris Townley takes us on a journey with him to paint up 21 Soviet T-34s with their spare turrets. We've made this even easier for folks looking to follow in his footsteps with the brand new plastic T-34s!

Read about Chris' Battalion...
Mike's Batalion Puscasi
Mike builds a Romanian Batalion Puscasi, with some very inspiring pictures! Interested in giving Romanians a shot? Now's your chance to get them on the cheap from our Thanksgiving Sale! (ends Dec. 9)

Check out Mike's Romanians...
Sean's Shturmovye
Sean discusses the flexibility of the Shturmovye, and the decisions he made while building the list.

Read Sean's insights into the Shturmovye...
Casey's T-34 Beutepanzerkompanie
Though this force is for Mid War, it felt appropriate to include in the list. T-34s are cool, and they're even more cool when in use by the Germans! Have a look at Casey's excellent article on fielding Beutepanzers.

Beutepanzers to the front!...
Casey's Naval Infantry Brigade
Casey's so prolific, we have a look at a second battlegroup of his! This article dates back to Version 1, so blow the dust off the pages and drool over Casey's excellent painting.

Not one step back, comrades...