Level Up Market Garden

Level Up Market Garden

Level Up Market Garden
Pensacola, Florida USA  
When Level Up Gaming in Pensacola, Florida initially opened in April 2019, we had zero inventory for historical tabletop wargaming. Soon after opening, we brought in our personal armies and terrain to demo Team Yankee and Flames of War. Seeing it on table, interest immediately grew. We became an authorized retailer for Battlefront Miniatures and began stocking product- modestly at first. We hosted our first cooperative game for D-Day that June with five participants. 

We continued to promote Team Yankee and Flames of War and grow our modest selection of products over that first summer. We hosted a game for Operation Market Garden that September with about a dozen participants.

Level Up Gaming is in its third year and our historical wargaming community is vibrant and growing. D-Day (June) and Market Garden (September) are two large scale cooperative events we look forward to every year. This past weekend, Level Up Gaming hosted Operation Market Garden 2021. Game play was preceded by a historical overview prepared and presented by one of our most ardent historical wargamers in our community, Dr. James Gazaway. Dice dropped at noon and for the next eight hours two dozen participants fought it out with forces representing the Germans and Allies- airborne and mechanized. The centerpiece of this event is the game table. At just under 70' long it represents the entire area of operations from the Belgian border to Arnhem and depicts all of the key intermediate objectives including the towns, rivers and bridges along the road.

Almost immediately the table becomes littered with gliders (Waco, Horsa, and Hamilcar) as the US 101st, US 82nd, and British 1st Airborne Divisions become scattered as they attempt to land at their designated LZ/DZs. Likewise, 30th Corps becomes engaged as it moves toward Eindhoven and beyond. Employing Fallschirmjager, Grenadier, Panzergrenardier, and Panzer units- including Waffen SS to stop the Allied advance, the German players don't hold back as the fight unfolds. Through the afternoon the Allied players make good progress toward their objectives. However, as the intense game play continues, the German players inflict losses on the paratroopers and impede the movement of 30th Corps until it becomes evident that Arnhem is beyond their reach.

Flames Of War on the USS Hornet Museum

Wargaming Operation Market Garden on tabletop allows each participant a unique perspective of the battle which is different from reading a history book or watching a movie or documentary. It is a lot of fun as well- especially with the Flames of War rules and miniatures. We are thrilled to be able to host this and other events and are excited about the prospects for the future of tabletop miniature wargaming as interest continues to grow.

Level Up Market Garden Flames Of War on the USS Hornet Museum

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