541. Volksgrenadierdivision and 606. Infanteriedivision

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541. Volksgrenadierdivision and
606. Infanteriedivision

541. Volksgrenadierdivision

9. Armee Reserve, Heeresgruppe Vistula 

The 541. Volksgrenadierdivision was created on 9 October 1944 by renaming the 541. Grenadierdivision. At this time the division was on the Narew Front in Poland. After the beginning of the Soviet winter offensive, the division withdrew into East Prussia. The remnants of the division were trapped in the Heiligenbeil pocket. In April 1945 the division was transferred to Germany, but was soon disbanded and its remnants were put under the command Division z.b.V. 606.


Generalleutnant Wolf Hagemann (9 October 1944 - April 1945) 

Area of operations

Poland & East Prussia (October 1944 - April 1945)

Order of battle 

931. Grenadier Regiment 

1074. Grenadier Regiment 

1075. Grenadier Regiment 

1541. Artillery Regiment (4 battalion)

541. Panzerjäger Battalion 

541. Fusilier Battalion 

541. Pioneer Battalion

606. Infanterie-division

The 606. Infanteriedivision was established on 11 April 1945 by renaming Division z.b.V. 606, which had already absorbed the remnants of 541. Volksgrenadierdivision.


Generalmajor Dr. Maximilian Rosskopf (11 April to 8 May 1945) 

Berlin Front

Areas of Operation

12 April 1945, CI Armeekorps, Ninth Army, Army Group Weichsel, between Lietzegöricke and Ortwig. 

16 April 1945, HQ at Wriezen. 

Order Of Battle

Grenadier-Regiment Rohde (2 Battalions)

Grenadier-Regiment Sator (2 Battalions)

Grenadier-Regiment ‘A’ (2 Battalions)

(Grenadiers formed from Panzer Ersatz-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 3, Alarm-Bataillon-Potsdam, Alarm-Bataillon-Spandau, Alarm-Bataillon-Brandenburg, Polizei-Bataillon-Bremen, and 541. Volksgrenadierdivision remnants)

Füsilier-Bataillon 606 (3 companies)

IV. Bataillon/Artillerie-Regiment 606 (with two heavy batteries, each 6 15cm sFH18 howitzers; one heavy battery, with 5 15.2cm sFH(r) howitzers)

III. Bataillon/Artillerie-Regiment 606 (mixed) (with two light batteries, each four 10.5cm leFH18/40 howitzers; one heavy battery, with four 15cm sFH18 howitzer).

Pionier-Bataillon 606 (3 companies)

Panzerjäger-Kompanie 1606

In Flames Of War

You can represent this division with the Volksgrenadier Company from Bulge: German

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