Infanteriedivision Ulrich von Hutten

Berlin: German

Infanteriedivision Ulrich von Hutten

XX Korps, 12. Armee, Heeresgruppe Vistula 

The Infanteriedivision Ulrich von Hutten was ordered formed in Wittenberg on 30 March 1945 with the Staff of 56. Infanteriedivision and 18. Panzergrenadierdivision, and training and replacements units. 56. Infanteriedivision was encircled and destroyed in the Heiligenbeil (Mamonovo) pocket, East Prussia, in March 1945. Only around 250 men managed to break out westwards to Pomerania. 

The divisional staff, along with that of 18. Volksgrenadierdivision, were then used as the staff of the Ulrich von Hutten Division. The division began assembling from 4 April 1945 and it was officially named Infanteriedivision Ulrich von Hutten on 8 April 1945. Further elements also came from 190. Infanteriedivision. 

The division was first deployed near Bitterfeld on 12 April with the Eleventh Army against the Americans, before turning to face the Soviets with XX Korps, Twelfth Army on 1 May 1945 in the attempt to relieve Berlin and the Ninth Army in the Halbe Pocket. The division surrendered to the Americans at Tangermünde on 8 May 1945.

The division was named after Ulrich von Hutten (1488 to 1523), a German Imperial Knight, scholar, poet and religious reformer.


Generalleutnant Edmund Blaurock (3 Apr 1945 - 12 Apr 1945) 

Generalleutnant Gerhard Engel (12 Apr 1945 - 8 May 1945) 

Area of operations

Germany (Apr 1945 - May 1945) 

Berlin Offensive

Order of battle

Grenadier-Regiment Ulrich von Hutten 1

Grenadier-Regiment Ulrich von Hutten 2

Grenadier-Regiment Ulrich von Hutten 3

Divisions-Füsilier-Bataillon Ulrich von Hutten

Panzerjäger-Abteilung Ulrich von Hutten

Artillerie-Regiment Ulrich von Hutten

Pionier-Bataillon Ulrich von Hutten

In Flames Of War

You can field this division using the Volksgrenadier Company from Bulge: German.

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