116. Panzerdivision in the Ardennes

116. Panzerdivision commanders

116. Panzerdivision ‘Windhund’
During the Ardennes Offensive, December 1944

By Wayne Turner

16. Panzergrenadierdivision was formed from 16. Infanterie-division (Mot) on 23 June 1943, but its organisation wasn’t changed until October 1943. It was effectively destroyed on the eastern front at Uman in March 1944, and the remnants were used to begin forming 116. Panzerdivision on 28 March in France. Further personnel came from 179. Reserve-Panzerdivision. 

After heavy losses with the 7th Army in Normandy, the division was moved to the Eifel region in Germany to rebuild. It was reinforced with personnel from Luftwaffe fortress battalions XII, XIII and XIX. On 13 October 1944, 108. Panzer Brigade was incorporated in to the division.

116. Panzerdivision and 560. Volksgrenadierdivision were part of the LVIII Panzerkorps of 5. Panzer Armee during the Ardennes campaign. 116. Panzer division’s initial attack was against the US 112th Infantry Regiment of 28th Infantry Division at Lutzkampen. 

On 17 December they captured a bridge over the Our River at Ouren, but it was too damaged to support heavy equipment, so 16. Panzer-Regiment (Kampfgruppe Bayer) was forced to retrace their steps and cross the Our at Dasburg. Having reassembled at Heinerscheid on 18 December the division spearhead captured Bertogne on 19 December. However, the Ourthe River bridge there had been destroyed. Instead they withdrew to Houffalize and continued west on the north side of the Ourthe and captured Samree in the evening of 20 December. 116. Panzerdivision Sd Kfz 251 half-track
On 21 December 116. Panzerdivision crossed the Soy-Hotten road and attacked Hotten.  Their attack on Hotten meet fierce US resistance and was repulsed.
116. Panzerdivision in the Ardennes
They were ordered to again retrace their steps and return to La Roche where they crossed to the south side of the Ourthe and continue westward. For the next several days the division was completely worn down in continuous combat against the US 84th Infantry Division in the area of Verdenne and Marenne, between Hooton and Marche-en-Famenne. The division switched over to the defensive by the month’s end.
116. Panzerdivision Sd Kfz 251 half-track

116. Panzerdivision ‘Windhund’(Generalmajor Siegfried von Waldenberger)

16. Panzer-Regiment (Oberst Johannes Bayer)
60. Panzergrenadier-Regiment (Oberstleutnant Helmuth Zander)
156. Panzergrenaider-Regiment (Oberst Heinrich Voightsberger)
146. Panzerartillerie-Regiment
116. Panzeraufklärungsabteilung (Hauptmann Eberhard Stephen)
228. Panzerjagerabteilung
281. FlaK Abteilung
675 Panzerpionier-Bataillon

Bulge: German

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You can field 116. Panzerdivision using Bulge: German:

Notes: The Division had Panzer IV/70 (V) equipped Tank-hunter Platoons. Any Scout Troops would be Sd Kfz 250 half-track troops. AA Tank Platoons would be armed with two or three Möbelwagens, see the Mobelwagen AA Tanks Command Card. a 116. Panzerdivision force would not have any StuG Tank Platoons.

On a historical note, 146. Panzerartillerie-Regiment only had 3 Wespe self-propelled guns during the Ardennes offensive, so you may like to take just one section of three Wespe self-propelled guns if you take a Wespe Artillery Battery.

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