World War II Japanese Tank Tactics

World War II Japanese Tank Tactics

World War II Japanese Tank Tactics
Elite 169
Authors: Gordon L Rottman & Akira Takizawa
Illustrator: Peter Dennis
64 Pages
ISBN 978-1-84603-234-9

World War II Japanese Tank Tactics at Osprey...

Not having read a lot about Japanese Tank tactics, I jumped into the book with both feet. After reading it, I found that all the information I needed was definitely in the book however it took me awhile to organize it in my mind.

Though nomenclature, organization, and tactics were all there and ultimately available for understanding, I found it wasn’t until I had read the summary near the end of the book and then gone back and looked at the diagrams in the middle, reread the organisational setup at the beginning, and then broke down the diagram explanations at the end of the book before I fully understood how the Japanese used their tanks. My suggestion is to read the Summary first and then the Battle History just before it. These give you a good feel for Japanese tank use and then jumping into the tactical formations and their explanations will complement your reading. Nomenclature, unit organization, and tank development are all upfront.

Overall, if you’re looking for what you need to know about Japanese Tank tactics, all the facts and needed information are here.


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