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World War II Desert Tactics

World War II Desert Tactics

World War II Desert Tactics
Elite 162
Author: Paddy Griffith
Illustrator: Adam Hook
64 pages
ISBN 978-1-84603-290-5

World War II Desert Tactics at Osprey...

An excellent overview of the beginning battles in the North African desert in World War II. The author begins by setting the stage of the players (British, German, and Italian), the early weapons, and the tactics. He concentrates initially on the development and foibles of British armour, transitions to the rise of the anti-tank gun and finishes with the beginnings of combined arms operations. Mr Griffith has given us the highlights and a good quick view of the how and why of desert warfare tactics.

However, the one thing this book does is scream for sequels. It touches on numerous subjects that could easily be expanded for a more in-depth look. The Jock columns, radio communications, Italian campaigns, integrating allies into the battle, and the American tank destroyers all could be subjects easily expanded in a Desert Tactics volume II. Even small points like the introduction of the Grant/Lee into the British armour and the exploits of the XX Motorised Corps would prove most interesting to one seeking additional information on desert warfare and tactics.

I certainly recommend this book to anyone looking to be introduced into the world of desert tactics. It gives you a good objective view on the do’s and don’ts as well as ample direction for picking additional subjects for further research. The colour diagrams and battlefield overlays are good and give a ready picture of the tactics used during each battle.


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