Jay White's Hasty Attack Mission

Flames Of War

Jay White's Hasty Attack Mission

The Hasty Attack mission uses the Hasty Reserves, Limited Ambush, Defensive Battle and Prepared Positions special rules.
Hasty Reserves

Companies conduct hasty attacks as a result of a movement to contact, meeting engagement, or chance contact during a movement: after a successful defense or part of a defense; or in a situation where the unit has the opportunity to attack vulnerable enemy forces. In a hasty attack the time has not been taken to properly form up the attackers forces and though close they are not in the most cohesive positions The attackers Hasty Reserves follow the same rules for the Reserves special rule on page 157 of the Flame of Warrulebook, with the follow differences: 

• The attacker gets reserves for each roll of 4+,
• The defender’s reserves arrive for each roll of 5+ as normal

The attacker’s reserves arrive from the table edges as shown in the deployment diagram For each platoon that comes on from reserve the attacker may choose which reserve entry area is used.

The defender’s reserves come on from the short table edge of the defenders deployment area.

Limited Ambush

Limited Ambush is identical to the Ambush rules on page 156 of the Flames of War rulebook, except that only one platoon may be held in ambush.
Prepared positions

Immediately on occupyng defensive positions troops begin improving their positions by digging entrenchments and finding good fire positions for their guns.

All of the defenders infantry and gun teams can start the game in trenches.

Regardless of whether they are entrenched or not, all concealed defending teams have Gone-to-Ground ready for the attack at the start of the game.

Hasty Attack

Sending Transports To The Rear

• Sometimes transport vehicles can be more trouble than they’re worth when the fighting starts, especially when you’re defending. If you are in prepared positions, your transport teams may start the battle off-table. If they do, they cannot come on-table later on.

Your Orders

Time has been traded for speed in this attack Exploit the enemies position and breach their defence before they can react.

Your forces have been caught off guard. You must hold until reinforcements arrive to secure your position.

Preparing For Battle

1. Determine the attacking and defending players using the Defensive Battle special rule.
2. The defending player chooses the short table edge that they will deploy from.
3. The defender places an objective at least 8"/20cm back from the 24"/60cm deployment line and at least 8"/20cm from all table edges.
4. The attacker now places one objective in the same area but not within 16"/40cm of the other objective.
5. The defender now deploys half of their platoons on the table (one platoon may be in ambush). The remaining platoons are reserves.
6. The attacker selects two platoons to hold as reserves.
7. The attacker now deploys a single platoon in the forward position (12" square, see diagram) and the remaining platoons that are not in reserve within the attackers 12" deployment area.
8. The defender then places their Independent Teams.
9. The attacker then places their
Independent Teams.

Begining the Battle

1. The defending force begins the game in prepared positions, so their troops are dug-in and gone to ground.
2. The attacking player takes the first turn.

Ending the Battle

The battle continues until time is called or:

The attacking player starts any turn from turn three holding either objective.

Soviet Machine-gun team
Deciding Who Won

The attacker wins if they hold any objective at the end of the game. The attacker hasty attack has been successfully and their forces have broken the enemy is a daring attack.

Otherwise the defending player wins. The defender has reacted before the attacker could concentrate their forces properly.

Use the Victory Points table on page 195 of Flames Of War to look up your Victory points based on the number of platoons that they winner lost during the battle.

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